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Had a WEIRD dream last night. 

Dreampt I was going to Yale - OK first off I almost didn't graduate from HighSchool and was thankful to go to a sort of Decent University.  And second I woudl never have gone to Yale - even if I was Ivy League materal I would have gone to Haravrd or possabley Princton.  

But anyway, I'm going to Yale and my boyfreind (who I never see in the dream but who I think is Schmendric the Magican from Last Unicorn)  just disapers when we get there.. well it turns out that my Cat 'Stinky Cat' had folllowed us all the way to New Haven on foot. 

I did the 12 days of christmass L/J thingy... the punch line was "and a sheep in a Trys_writer" 

OK they are making a Boogieman2 - I know you all know I LOVE the movie Boogieman - I guess I fan Eric Kripke - well I don't know I really didn't swallow that Tarzan thing he did... anyway I've kinda had a copy of Boogieman forever - I think I may have seen it in the theaters.. but i can't remember.    

OK so the best thing I can say about Boogieman2 is that the origanl editer is involved... 

It kinda makes me not ever want to have anything published or on tv or what not - peoepl can just take it from you and do whatever they want with it.  Fan stuff is one thing - we aren't making money from it.  

I've been thinkign about Cry_wolf  today as well adn why I like Texas Tom.  I know you are saying "he was plaied by Jared" but honistly - I don't like Wade in the least and cheared when he was killed.  And I think I got why... first off he's a 'fariytale archtype' he is the one that never lies. There is the theim of 'one never lies one never tells the truth' to Cry_wolf.  I'm kinda a sucker for that type of story.  But heres the other part of it - frm the age of 4 to the age of eight (well roughly - I moved there a few weeks before my 4th b-day and moved away in April a few mounths befre turnign 8) I lived in arlington VA.  I knew any number of "political kids" most of the ones I knew were much lower profile (I wnet to public school after all) this kids are sort of transiant - and I'm saying that from the position of someone who has never lived anywhere for more than 5 years.  DC is a whole sity of "new kids" honislty I still think of it as my home town.  Tom is a bit of an exception I guess... his parents are keeping him close - but not too close.  He's still in VA while his parents are in DC - but he's still been abandoned out in the woods.  

Ah well.  

Life... well I had a small syst on my brest - ouch it hurts.  Went to the Dr casue peopel at work thougth it was IBC - it's not.  If it hasn't healed compleatly in 2 weeks it's gonna have to be cut out... sigh* It keeps filling up and draning and filling up agian.