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well lets see ...

Watched the Usual suspects today.. also the Lost from that week... so now I am all caught up.

my shoulder is still killing me... I hate it. My hand is feeling better though...

Back to work tomorow.

Got an e-mail from Scriblemania - first drawings of Acton are done adn she will be scanning them when she gets back.

She and I need to get togetehr to talk about the comic - I really want to do it, but (cause I have no faith) don't know if she does.

I have to take 14 days off before March 31st... anyone on f'list want to put some good energy into gettign my Boss to realize he shoudl just give me cash so I can go on vacation?

I relaized the other day that I'm missing people... sigh*


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Nov. 26th, 2006 08:12 pm (UTC)
What's wrong with your shoulder? D: Going back to work sucks.

And we do need to get together to talk about the comic! I wasn't sure about it before because I'm not horribly neat in my work nor do I have a regular schedual, but I'm actually getting excited about this, the more I hear about it. :D
Nov. 26th, 2006 10:52 pm (UTC)
I think I have a pinced nerve in my neck or upper back... I started doing my PT for my leg (after beign so lazy that I haven't done my excorsises in about 2 months)and I have a lot of excersises that involve holding myself up with my arms and then bam - hurt shoulder... my friend thinks I may have hurt it on our work trip to MA but I don't rmember anything... It's a misterey...

my aim is bodgeir and my YIM is bodgei if you wnat ot IM me about the comic. I have always wanted to do a comic - it's sort of a life dream of mine and - honistly I think our styles suite eachother. I have the story outlined in my head, I just need to start gettign things down on paper (the story of my life). Anyway I'm usuly on in the evening...
Nov. 26th, 2006 11:09 pm (UTC)
Oooooh that is not fun. I did something like that to my neck once and I couldn't move my head all day. I hope it gets better.

Ok, I'll be on and off tonight. @_@ Going back to school late...
Nov. 26th, 2006 11:13 pm (UTC)
I knida miss haveing school - the whole 9-5 thing irks me... I'm on now, but I don't know when I'll be gettign off - I can send you what i have in "normal story format" if you'd like?
Nov. 26th, 2006 11:36 pm (UTC)
Yeaah sounds good. And I can talk to you under more normal settings soon. -_-
Nov. 26th, 2006 11:45 pm (UTC)
Ok it's on its way... I haven't even gotten as far as the out line I sent you before - but - well - you'll see. I've cahnged him a bit..
Nov. 26th, 2006 11:10 pm (UTC)

i'm missing you too.....
Nov. 26th, 2006 11:14 pm (UTC)
wierd - it's like I got back from MA and I was so out of it... now i'm almost awake and it seems like everyone has dropped off the face of the planet...
Nov. 26th, 2006 11:44 pm (UTC)
aww... *hugs*
Nov. 26th, 2006 11:47 pm (UTC)
*hugs back*

When is the last show before the midseason Hiatus for SPN?
Nov. 26th, 2006 11:48 pm (UTC)
there's an ep on Dec. 7, supposedly on Dec. 14. and then it comes back in January... i've seen the 4th.

but i won't trust it until i see it.....
Nov. 27th, 2006 12:02 am (UTC)
maybe I can come up on the 14th... maybe.
Nov. 27th, 2006 12:10 am (UTC)
ooh cool!

well, TVGuide says there's a new one on December 7th; so by the time i get the TVGuide with the 14th in it, it better be a new one! hee! :D
Nov. 27th, 2006 01:54 am (UTC)
well I cna't have off on the 8th and since it took me 4 hours to wind down from comming to your house last time - ok ther ewere soem extenuating cercimstances there but still...
Nov. 27th, 2006 01:56 am (UTC)
ahh... fair enough....
Nov. 27th, 2006 02:06 am (UTC)
since I ended up on line all night catting with Heather...
Nov. 27th, 2006 02:10 am (UTC)
ahh... gotcha
Nov. 27th, 2006 02:14 am (UTC)
so it was self inlicted - and there was the whole goign the wrong way and it taking forever to get home thing
Nov. 27th, 2006 02:18 am (UTC)
oopsie, yeah.
Nov. 27th, 2006 02:20 am (UTC)
and trying to figure out why Philly was all pink and teal
Nov. 27th, 2006 02:23 am (UTC)
Nov. 28th, 2006 12:35 am (UTC)
I found out about a week later... it was a breast cancer thing.
Nov. 28th, 2006 02:49 am (UTC)
that would do it.....
Nov. 29th, 2006 11:39 pm (UTC)
It looked like a gianat Howard Johnsins thing - except that it was pink and not orange...
Nov. 30th, 2006 01:21 am (UTC)
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