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It's thursday

OK work people. It's Thursday. I don't work Thursday night - not only that I TOLD you I wouldn't be home. OK I chnaged my mind and I AM home - but DUDE I am NOT taking your calls.

I am not talking to you about work. I have worked 11 days stright. I was off 2 Sundays ago - but I worked that Saturday. You have me driving all over the green earth and today is Thursday.

Did I mention it is Thursday?

I don't work on Thursday.

In fact for many years Thursday was even my DAY OFF. Thursday is a holy day. Leave me alone.

Gee it almost sounds like I worship Thor in this post. In point of fact, I don't. My family god is suposed to be Odin on my mom's side and Ing on my dads (funny for a mostly Brit background) and personaly I trend to the more Trickster gods... not that anyone cares...