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Sam/Kate dream

I had the wierdest dream last night.

It was set in the Ten Years Gone world...

Dean and Mare were having some sort of party, but Sam had to go on this paint ball thing for work...

So Sam is off at this abandoned farm playing paint ball when he and his freinds get attaiced by a spirit. They can't get out and all Sam has for a wepon is a paint ball gun, so he calls Kate.

Who is staniding in her living room in unhemmed pants and she's talking to Dean. They tape up the hem of her pants and run over to where Sam is (I'm sure Mare was pissed)

By the time they get there Sam and one other guy are all that are left and both are hurt Dean does the "Get the Kids out of here thig to Kate and goes into deal with the spirt.

Sam gets out of the truck and starts walking across the feild to help Dean - and that is where my cat woke me up...