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updating - OMG!

See look I haven't fallen off the planet.

I leve for a show on Tuseday AM. It's actuly on of my fav shows, so I shouldn't complain. I will be selling clothing. I love to sell clothing. It's much better then selling strap (bridles) and that is my normal sales spot at this show...

The both has a neon pink and teal sign over it - and I get migranes while I am there...

All and all the show is flipping intense.

What else?

Not much really. I'm working on some bacground peices for War of Trees...

I'm likeing my chericter Acton Lodge adn am still consideirng calling his father "Acton Ackels" it's a bit of a joke. I could make it Acton Ackley Ackels just to use Oak 3 times.

I'm going to miss both Lost and Supernatural this week... sigh*