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Ok so last night – totally weird dream. 


Cast: Me,


, Jensen and Jared (and a few security guards)


You know you are curious now… You just know you are. 


So anyway.  In the dream Trys and I won some contest.  We won separately, so that was kinda weird.  The prize?  We got flown to Vancouver to watch a taping of SPN.  I got the feeling that we were there for the whole taping.  Cool right?  Yeah. 


So here’s the thing, we are young and beautiful.  Not that we aren’t young and beautiful in Real Life, but we were, like, Jared young and like Hollywood beautiful.  Trys was like 5’8” and blond.  I can’t see myself – so I have no idea, but when I do ‘perfect me’ in dreams I’m normally black haired… I was still taller.  So yeah – we were perfect.


So I’m supposed to shadow Jared and she’s supposed to shadow Jensen (shocked right? Anyway this is where all my friends pointed out that I would probably get board shadowing an actor – even Jared- and would try to sneak off to talk to the writers – even if Jared has dogs.  And he’s probably just as cute from 15 feet away as he is up close.  All very good points.  Some of them are even addressed in the dream)


This is where things start to go wrong.  You think ‘things CAN’T go wrong this is too perfect’ but I can F – up a wet dream.  Really. 


The boys are all excited – they are introducing us and I can’t help it I say “we already know each other”


Jensen (looking disappointed): Right, they said you took the same flight


Me: No.  We know each other. (Trystan is looking at me obviously thinking ‘shut UP’)


Jared: Like, in real life? (looking like someone kicked him)


Me: yeah.


So we split up and she goes off with Jensen and I go with Jared.  They have some sort of bet going about who got the best person in this contest and I’m guessing I’m loosing at this point – and making Jared lose too.  He’s not pleased.  But I’m pleased – ‘cause I’m not acting like a complete spaz.  We’re talking about stuff but nothing much and then I say


“I could never make a living at a job that has so much memorization” 


And he snaps at me “You aren’t as stupid as you think you are” (Jared is often the person that says things like that in my dreams – his most common line in my dreams is “you should take better care of yourself”)

OK so it’s my turn to look like a kicked puppy.  Things go on, and are mostly extremely dull – I’m board out of my mind, sitting in his trailer playing with the dogs.  At some point, for some reason I’m all alone and I look out the window and I see a horse.   I’m sitting in this trailer all by my self and there is a horse outside.  Me, being me, decide that no one will miss me if I slip out and play with the horse.  And I’m really board.


So I go out to pet the horse. It’s small. It would be too small for me.  And I’m petting it, and it’s loving on me and a security guard comes over and starts hassling me.  I explain that I’ve been working with horses all my life.  The guard doesn’t care “it’s *his* pony”


Me: Well it’s a horse.  A small one. 


Jared: It’s my pony.


Me: yeah, right!


Jared: I got it when I was ten


Jensen and Trys are there now.  And honestly even at 10 I doubt this horse was big enough for Jared (and I say so – casue I’m a spaz)


Me: he looks like my pony (OK I’ll explain this – pony in this sense is a… well I don’t know a Pony is more important somehow – like a sprit pony?) and I’m showing Jared and Jensen and trys all these pictures of my horse. 


So I guess it ended up happy.    


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Nov. 4th, 2006 02:36 am (UTC)
oh that's just awesome. really! :D

and i love the dialogue when we're all getting introduced~! hee!
Nov. 4th, 2006 02:40 am (UTC)
I though everyone was going to hit me... but I couldn't stop talking!

I think you and Jensen won by the way. Although after the whole picture thing Jred seemd much happyer with me... there was a lot of talking about horses and dogs after - but it was like there and yet not in the dream, if that makes any snece. I wonder if over time I will dream the whole week?
Nov. 4th, 2006 03:19 am (UTC)
hehe... that'd be cool! :)
Nov. 5th, 2006 12:59 am (UTC)
you know I've started to wonder why I don't have "normal" crush type dreams about Jared?

I mean in every dream about him he's telling me something like "take care of yourself" "people worry about/ love you" "You aren't as dumb as you think you are"

It's like my brain has decided to use him as a representitve of the part of my brain that is trying to give me confadance.
Nov. 5th, 2006 02:34 am (UTC)
well, hey, that works, right?
Nov. 5th, 2006 04:27 pm (UTC)
I just would like to have er- normal fan dreams.

But then again I probalby get closer to what Jared is actuly like in my dreams. Although Whiteroad (I think it was her) once had a dream where Jared came over adn watched the Discovery chanel
Nov. 5th, 2006 10:40 pm (UTC)
hehehe.... ;)
Nov. 6th, 2006 01:33 am (UTC)
my subcounsious mind makes up a decent Jared to tell me things like "You need to go to you Dr. apointments"
Nov. 6th, 2006 02:02 am (UTC)
Nov. 6th, 2006 02:14 am (UTC)
he's pritty.
Nov. 6th, 2006 02:17 am (UTC)
cool :D
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