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funny e-mail from Mom - Supernatural

In way of explaination - this is from a question and awsner off an editer's blog.. I don't know what one.  Just some blog. Mom said she'd find out and I'll post it if she does.

I'm writing a series. You want to know about that, right?

Yup. But here's some free advice: If you're a first time novelist,
start with a series. No, seriously. I know you see Robert Jordan
and he's a million books in, and he's a bestseller, and Laurell
wrote a series! Blah blah blah. Fine. Guess what? You're not Laurell
Hamilton -- and she wasn't always a bestseller.

Your best bet is to write one standalone book, with a lot of cool
characters, set in a neat world. Hell, write a book about two brothers
kill demons in the midwest, the reluctant hero Samodo and his
caretaker/sidekick Deanwise, and how Samodo meets and falls in love
some woman who helps them kill demons or whatever. Seriously. Then,
what? There are at least two possible books you can write that are
to that and set in the same universe -- the tale of Samodo's new wife's
friend, and the tale of Deanwise falling in love.

anyway I'll credit when I find out who wrote it.  In other news I wont be home tonight I will be at trystan830 's house so Julie if you read this I probably wont be logging in tonight at 10:01est.  sorry about the fur thing yesterday.  I have PETA isuses... but they started it.   I will say i woudl love to see more celebs stand up against factory farming and talk about the welfare of Farm animals.  Like Jared says it shouldn't be diferent because you cuddle with one at home - OK so sometimes I cuddle my sheep... but that dosen't count.   OK Jensen, talk about factory farming I'll listen!