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I went to look at a Rancero today (for those of you who don't know think El Cameno and then make it a bit bigger in frount) not that I woudl buy it - I just wanted to look.  I look at cars alot - mostly when they are driving by.  

My boss at the museam asked me to come toss some tommihawks with him.  OK, yes I through tommihawks.  I'm not bad for a girl and I enjoy it.  I just bought my own and don't have to use his any more.  I think I'm the first 'girl' he's ever taught to through and I think he's kinda proed of me.  I think he wan't to be able to show me off at the Rev war day.  my main problem with tomihawks is I through to hard (same problem I have with darts and knives) 

bought a broad head hatchett last weekend - it has a 2lb head adn a hammer on the back - needs sharpend - it's got makers marks and is actulay anteque.  I got it for $4.  

I think I've convinced Sam to coem back so I can finish some of those TYG fan fics that I have hangign out there in limbo - I can think of 3 off of the top of my head that never got done, becasue Sam decided to freak out and abandon me.  (the Rat)