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well my arm hurts - so it's probably going to pour in the next few days (thnak you not exaclty compound fracture that oddly enouhg left a scar on my arm, if it didn't brake the skin WHERE did the scare come from)

Or it could be from all the typeing Ive been doing (with next to no sleep) OK Dean F is driving me nuts.  I guess most of you know that I talk to my chericters and they talk back.  Well I'm playing Dean over at the gg_coffeeshop and he's decided to monoplize, not jsut hte comunity, but allso me.  Well, honistly he's not as anoying as Sam who is much more pushy and smarter.  Dean is kinda funny, cause he he can't seem to get out of his own way. 


ah well have to go feed the sheep soon.