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Well I'm not redy to go and it is nine. I keep comming back to the computor I don't know why. No one is online. I should be leavign for MA around 8:30 nine o'clock. I will miss the animals and my husband. I will be working 12 to 14 hour days until Sunday (Sunday will be a 15 hour day)

I will do nothing but work. Uggg

I will get up and check my e-mail tomorow just in case.

I feel like I should have written something earthshatering this past week, but I haven't. I haven't written much of anything recently. I've found that I can't write without an audence in mind, and most of my audence is busy just now. I can't create these days without someone saying "that sucks" or "i like the idea of that but" the creative process is startign to feel like mastrubation... I guess that means I'm burned out...lol I've been going so long I can't even see that I need a break.

Arlo was wonderful this weekend. But he isn't as good as his Daughter Her name is Sarah Lee Guthrie.