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OK so here's the thing: Sarah at work (I normaly call her my 'partner' here) were suposed to be writing a script. Well I got a whopping 3 pages into the story and stopped. I was looking it over last night and realized that 4 of the chericters were PERFICT for a realy stupid plot I had a dream about sevral months ago. So today I ask her if she'd be up set if I used the chericters for something else adn she had no problem with it. So I'm gonna try them out in my stupid scoobie do type plot and see how it goes.

I guess I shoudl say if you start seeing stories posted that say chericters property to BS8 you'll know why.

Also I've been posting fiction at my l/j... if anyone is interested I keep an index.. maybe I'll just post the index over here too. I've been SO lazy recently and have no idea what I've posted here.. LOL