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OK so WTF does this mean?

OK so last night I had a deam about one of my chericters.  Her name is Iolanthe (in homage to Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Gilbert) and in the dream she was being pushed down a filght of stairs.  OK, so a bit of background.. her boyfreind is on of those chericters that get stuck in my head and bounces around - he's started about 20 stories and I have yet to finish any (but one) and he's not the POV chericter, she normaly is.   He is a sort of overly protective type (although that hasn't really showed up in any of hte stories either) and he is a Grim (a shape changer) but is totaly unwilling to admit it.  

I did spend some time last night talking to someone about what would force him to admit to and learn about his gift and the only thing we came up with was some sort of danger - and since he is so protective that danger to Io may work better. 

Ok so I push the girl down the stairs - it dosen't get me any closer to haveing a plot... or even gettign the boy to admit to what he is.  

I feel like I'm alwasy serching for plots - HELP!