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Toad of Salem

another for a contest again mine...

The people who lived here before liked toads, they had a story about how we helped create the world.  We were honored for our part in the cycle of life, we were welcomed for our destruction of pests, and we were thought to live forever.  Those were good days.  


Now these new people, these abnormally pasty people who scorch in the sun and clothe themselves as if it is the middle of winter even in the hot summer months, they hate toads.  They don't see us as useful or important, they would rather have pests then us in a garden.  They kick us if we are not fast enough hurrying away from them.  They say we are the messengers of the devil.   I doubt I will ever understand humans.   


When it started, I don’t know.  One day I hopped toward what they call a ‘Goodwife’ who had been particularly terrible to me, hitting me with brooms and throwing rocks, I was so angry I let caution go by and just hopped at her.  There wasn’t anyway I could hurt her, or at least that’s what I thought, but suddenly I heard shouting and the Goodwife was dragged away.


You have to admit, that was interesting.  I had to try that again.   So I did, to similar effect.  Somehow I had learned to pass this power of being a ‘messenger of the devil’ to those I approached.   This was true power.  Tremble oh you Goodwives of Salem Town.


This is your punishment for kicking toads.