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Jul. 2nd, 2006

finished printing out a project - mind you after I printed it I saw all the errors in spelling and what not... I can't reprint it for a bunch of reasons - one of them being I woudl need to go out and get more paper for it I to do that I woudl have to get gas... I know that's a bad excuse but hey.  It's Sunday.  

Finger is feeling better.  I can type without feeling like my whole arm is on fire (mind you it still hurts) 

I have to work tomorow but not Tuesday.  I haven't started my scrapbook page for Jared so maybe I should just give it up... sigh*  

Things I need to do: 
figure out why I can't get the computor files I want to burn to burn down onto a dvd... It's not like I haven't done it a million times... something wants me NOT to sent Supernatural to Kim... 

finish my Adam story.  

Finish smile wide as the sky

See if I can drum up any stories from others 

Wright to Peter. 

and Joel