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It's just a job I do- orig fic

part three of an origanl fiction - comments would be so awsome!  

Part one http://bodgei.livejournal.com/76767.html#cutid1

Part two http://bodgei.livejournal.com/76870.html#cutid1


It’s good to get home to Kevin.  Wherever we are, what ever I’m doing, he’s there and he is my home.  Kevin is still up when I get back; I’m not surprised he usually stays up waiting for me when I am out working.   He says he doesn’t worry but he looks concerned in the two seconds that he glances at me over his laptop.  His blond curls are tussled from finger combing, he must be working hard or he was very worried.  


“Welcome back Lola. How did it go?” he asks.            


“Easy,” I hand him the check and he regards it for a time before he says anything.


“All this for something easy?”


“They want us to stay.  They offered me a job.”


“Oh,” I watch Kevin for some sort of reaction.  I don’t get much.  He looks back at his computer screen and I think again how unusual he is.  He’s tall and blond, neither unusual in werewolves, he’s thin as well but that isn’t unusual either.  What is unusual was the laptop.  We are Magic beings and Magic and technology don’t mix well, except where Kevin is involved.  The laptop puts him outside normal werewolf society the same way my silver jewelry does.  That and the fact that he looks a bit geeky.   Maybe that’s why we ended up together; both of us are misfits in a society of misfits. 


“They gave me this as well,” I chuck him the ring, he catches it out of the air and then makes a hissing noise, “It’s not burning you, you just think it is.”


“Of course it isn’t burning,” he says closing his hand around the ring and then opining his hand.  He’s trying really hard to change his beliefs about silver; just as I am trying to change my beliefs about computers.  Change does come slowly.  He looks at the ring, “I assume this is to brand your name into others?”


“I suppose,” I say taking the ring from his hand and examine his palm.


“It wouldn’t have burned if I wasn’t so tired.”


“I know,” I kiss his palm; sorry for the damage I caused him without thinking.  His injury isn’t so bad, more like sunburn then the hissing, smoking wound I caused earlier in the evening.  He closes his hand and pulls it away gently. 


“I’m sure it will be fine in the morning.”


“I’m sure.”


“Come to bed?”


“Yes darling.  But wash that hand first.



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Jun. 30th, 2006 03:10 am (UTC)
this is really cool! :)

Jun. 30th, 2006 11:26 am (UTC)
thanks, I'll post more tonight. I promise.
Jun. 30th, 2006 02:03 pm (UTC)
yaay!! :D
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