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things that have occored to me this week:

I never write strong men. Although I think Gil in the "I have the biggest trunk in the world" is strong, he just isn't the most combatitive person in the world.

I just realized that "Smile as Wide as the sky" is set in Bathory, oddly enough. I guess it's not that odd, since a good deal of my origanl work ends up there.

Bram, and Io (the chericters from 'Smile') have taken over the universe - they seem to think the world revolves around them... sigh* I have 5 stories about them going right now.

4400 starts again tonight (awesome) I hope Lindsy Booth will be on this season.

I miss the role play. I miss the group that we had. Mind you I don't know if I could keep up with the others anymore... sigh*