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I made these two up for a short story for the friendship book I’m planning – now they are running rampant in my brain. I don’t want to dream about them. I want some time when I can be thinking about other things I’m working on. And I already have characters that act like spoiled brats (and if you are wondering I have Sam in ‘time out’ because he’s been misbehaving)

Dear Bramwell,

I made you up. Let’s just start there. I made you up for a particular story. If you let me finish the story I may (MAY) write more about you. If you don’t let me finish the story – I won’t and I’ll forget you and you will die. I’m sure you don’t want that, heck I don’t want that, but it will happen. I get it – you have a whole story arc that isn’t entirely covered by “Smile as wide as the sky” I’ll get to it, if you let me. You aren’t the only thing going on in my life so just ease up.

With love

Bodge (the author)

Dear Iolanthe,

Please read the above letter. Also don’t weird about his job. It’s his job. If anyone is gonna sabotage the whole ‘happily ever after’ thing it’s you. The name change was a little odd.

Stop being a fading violet (I guess it goes with the name though) if he’s going to push like he is you need to be just as loud and active, or you’ll fade into the background. I don’t want that, I don’t want you to be dull. Hold your head up.


Bodge (the author)