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my freind book

dude, I have a story already.  Well it's from Mom and it's short.  

I haven't had any responces except from the people I've either talked to or IMed about the project.  

My story is about 1 page long right now.  I will have to write it and then expand it... at this point I'm just trying to get somethign on a page (since I've been having problems with this recently) 

I'm still hopeing to have some stories by 9-1 so I can start formating and binding.  I wanted to head to AC More to look at end papers. I also need to find soemsort of cover art.. sigh* I think that will be hard since I  have no idea what to call the thing or what kind fo stories will come in (if any).  

I'm hopeing to have this compleated and bound for winter holiday season (well the goal is 11-1 really).  I know that is forever away, but I wnated to give myself enough time so this could be something realy nice to send to everyone.  And since I genrealy don't give myself enough time for anything I figured 2 months writing adn then two months for production woudl be good... LOL