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Totaly obsesive clothing thing.

OK, I'm on a clothing kick.  I'm far enough from having to work cowboy hell that my inters in men's western fashon is reserfacing... er - odd hobby?  I used to work for Stateline tack and I was one of two that woudl even deal with the Western clothing (not like we had a lot of it) adn one of few that would fit men at all.  Now where I work I am the token clothing sales person.  

The woman that taught me "fitting and showmanship" was a Quarter Horse Queen... 

Long story short in 4-H I delt with a lot of Western so even though I rode English It alwasy interested me.  I have a pair of red and black Derango boot/shoes in my closet and my fav shoes are a pair of kicked out Justin Lace -R's.

I've started to wonder if that's why I like Jared so much, he seems so much like the boys I delt with all the time.  I could see him giving reasons at the state fair.  And he dresses like them as well, both as Sam and on his own... I know that sounds odd (since Jared obviously has an entire closet dedicated to ugly shirts and Sam has like 4 shirts) but they are just difrent ends of the same scale... 

My fave shirt from Supernatral is the one he wore in Dead Man's Blood (he had worn it before but I can't remember when) it's a Wrangler  shirt in a blue/ brown(I think) plaid with the snaps (not bottons) and Western Front & Back Yokes I looked on the Wrangler site and it comes in tall extra tall and L/T (long tall?  redundant much?).  And yes I was paying that much attention to the clothes on Supernatural (and yes I realy did look for the shirt on line - I figured if I liked it Dad might.. and he is needing snaps these days) 

Jereds clothes for personal aperanced seem to trend more "cinch" with the pink window paines and pink stripes (pink sort of says "I belong here even if you don't think I do" it's sort of a pasave agressive color) even the floral stuff is pritty normal "western lifesyle" it's just more fomal or showie than say that Wranglar sport shirt- I did have to save a picture of the shirt from the CW upfrounts (not the sort of normal one the one with what looks like some sort of heraldic design on it) 'cause I have to say it's the uglyest thing I've ever seen, but still not THAT unusual - nothing that I might not see in Lancaster if I went dancing in a Western Bar (and yes I did use to do that).  

Both J's seem to have quite a few cinch jeans - I'm partal to the GTO's my self

OK end of silly obsesive rant about clothing.