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Trying to make it to thirsday

OK so I'm just holding on... I know I'm not gonna make it to Thursday.

Yesterday I watched 6 hours of Gilmore Girls. Today I went out and bought season four (OK I admit a total obsession)

Some sort of excuse for both the lack of creativity and the marathion of Gilmore is that I seem to have an ear infection. It dosen't hurt (yet) and I don't feel all tippy - but my left ear cananal is amost swolen shut.

I've been feelign crapy for jsut about two weeks - I was haveing some major suinus issues (but that is normal for me) but now I'm not eating (well for me) and my ear is all swollen. I don't wnat to go to the doctors - so I'm gonna see if I can ride it out with salt and rubbing alchol...

I promise if it gets bad I'll get looked at.