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I am feeling extremely disjointed right now. My best friend was supposed to come up after work yesterday, haven’t heard from him. This is odd. It’s not like him not to call. So I’m worried.

The fact that I feel jittery makes me think something is up.

OK so putting that out of my mind.

I went to walmart and bought myself a 1:64 1964 Impala in Lime green. OK in the story Elizabeth drives a Lemmon yellow 64, but I can change that. It’s only two words. I really should get back to writing that now that I have a plot worked out.

Also need to start the script I’m supposed to be writing for Sarah. She wants 8 characters what a PITA, that’s a lot of characters for me. But I think it may come together. I’m gonna try to work it as a prose piece first (since I know how to do that).