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Dancing Coyote Imprint

OK this is the last one (or the first one) about Ryes and Saphy.  It also involves Willam (Ryes brother) a Seer who has grand Mal sezures.  I started writing about William about 2 years ago.   the last one for acostilow

I love words.  I was born into a family of graphic artists.  I’m not saying they don’t care for words, I just don’t think anyone in my family really thought of them as art.  Well, no one but me, I guess.  As I said I love words.  I’m all right with them, but I can’t make them dance like some people do.  I wish I could, but I have other talents.  I bind books.  I’m good at that, and I enjoy it.  Mostly I work with a photographer, we do a lot of weddings.  He takes the pictures; I bind them up into the confections that the new brides want.  The scrapbooking boom has been good for me as well, I make a huge amount of journals and hand bound books for the scrapbook markets.  I even teach some classes at local arts and crafts stores.  There are all sorts of rumors about me and Eddy, the photographer that I work with, about us being gay, but every night he goes home to his wife and I… I go home to Gum, my cat.  Nothing against Gum, or men owning cats, but really it’s not the same.  

Four times a year I get to do something that I find really fun.  I get to bind the chapbooks that are the awards for the local artist and writers competition sponsored by the University.  The contestants have to Bathory residents, but they don’t have to be students.  I’ve gotten to bind everything, skinny little books of poetry and horror novellas.  Anyway that’s how she came back into my life.  We had classes together, back when we were young.  We sat together and talked.  I fell for her, and I fell hard.  I may not have seen her since school, but when I bound her book a few years ago, it all came back to me.  And yet again I was smitten.  And so it goes with me, smitten by a lady writer who is so completely out of my league.  And when I say out of my league I mean she looks like a Mode, even when she’s in a big broomstick skirt with a way over sized tee shirt over it.  But then again the hippy look fits with her; she has long blond hair and that sort of ethereal quality that people work so hard to get.  Since I remember her having that same look for an eight am class it must come naturally.  At least I like to think it does.  

Anyway, it’s a few days before the awards dinner and I’m getting Gum into her harness for the walk home, when she comes in.  

“Hi Ryes,” she chirps.

“Did you need another journal Saph?” she’s an obsessive writer and must go through one of my notebooks a month.  

“No, I wanted to ask if you had a date for the awards dinner?”

“No,” I never do.  Some times I go with a friend, sometimes I go with Eddy – just to keep the gossip mill turning.  

“OK- well, I don’t have a date either and I was wondering if you wanted to go together.”

“Ummm,” I want to say ‘yes of course why are you even asking?’ but all I say is ‘ummm’.  I’m such a geek.  

“If you don’t I understand,” she says, disappointment in her voice.

“No, I mean yes.  Yes, I’d love to go with you.”

“Good,” she says with a smile reaching down to stroke Gum’s head as the cat rubs up against her legs, “is she an Abyssinian?”

“I don’t know,” I say with a smile, Gum doesn’t usually rub up against customers.  Come to think of it she doesn’t usually rub up against my legs, “she jumped in my car when I was at McDonalds.”

“So you are a softy?”

“I suppose,” I say lifting Gum in my arms.

“And her name is?”


“Odd name.”

“When I found her, she stuck like Gum to my shoe.”

“So you aren’t such a softy then,” she says with a smile.  

“Gum doesn’t seem to mind,” the cat struggles a bit in my arms, “fine you want to walk?” I ask the cat, “fine then,” I put her down and she pulls to the end of her leash and I turn back to Sapphire, “Would you like a ride home?”

“No,” she says with a laugh stepping out my door and disappearing into the gathering evening.       

I’m having supper with my little brother, William tonight.  With William and his lover Gawain; a few years ago I would have said ‘William and his best friend Gawain’ – I always had my suspicions about William (and for that matter Gawain) but somehow I never thought they would end up together.  We all grew up together, so it’s a bit like incest at first, but I’m over that now.  The two love each other and that’s all that matters.  

I can’t help but wonder if our parents would have handled finding out about Will and Gaw better than I did; I don’t doubt they would have.  I was just eighteen when Dad died and then a year later Mum.  The twins, William and Tegue, were twelve at Dad’s funeral.  They both went gently, Dad was ill and then, after he went, Mum just faded away – and that left me as the parent.  Well me and Gawain’s dad – the Bright family lived on the farm with us, but it was mostly me being Mum and Dad.  

It wasn’t too bad, going to school and taking care of the twins.  I really respect single parents for doing what they do.  I mean our parents left us enough money, I never had to worry about working on top of it all, well at least not more than I had to do for the farm, and that was mostly while I was out of school.  I wouldn’t ask for anything to have been different, we all stayed together and we all made it through school, none of us are very fucked up.  But to be honest, I don’t want kids of my own.

I wish I could have done better.  

Anyway, we do this supper thing all the time.  It feels good, almost like being home even though we’re both here in the city.  Will lives a five-minute drive from the Dancing Coyote, that’s why Gawain picked the apartment.  I was close, in case William needed something, or had a bad seizure.  Everyone worries about William, but I know William can take care of himself.  And he is one hell of a cook.  I knock at the door of William and Gawain’s apartment, and my brother answers the door.  He looks very tired.

“Gawain is at work, it’s just us and the fur babies.”

“That’s fine,” I say stepping inside and letting Gum hop down onto the floor.  She scoots off to play with Fluffy, William’s dog, “So what’s for dinner?” I ask.

“Chinese.  They should be here any second.”

“Are you alright?”

“Bad day,” so he has had a seizure.

“Does Gawain know?”

“If he did do you think he’s be working?”

“No, I suppose not.”

“And you aren’t telling him,” William says to me with a smile.  We talk about this and that and nothing much until the food comes.  I take the bags into the kitchen and notice, not for the first time that the kitchen window has a lovely view of my building.  No wonder William always knows when to call.  I come back into the living room with Lo Main for him and an assortment of Chinese junk food for me.  

“So, news?” William asks in that tone that says ‘I know you have news and I need you to tell me what it is’.

“I guess,” I don’t know why I don’t want to tell William about Sapphire, maybe it’s the way he’s grinning at me.  

“Why don’t you want to tell me that Saphy asked you out?  You’ve been after her for a million years!”

“And how do you know she asked me out?” I ask cuffing him gently on the shoulder.  I think he will say something magical but instead he smiles at me.

“She stopped by to ask if you had a date.”



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May. 5th, 2006 12:25 am (UTC)
Awwww. I like these. I like these a lot.
May. 5th, 2006 12:38 am (UTC)
Thank you. They were backgorund peices I worked on while developing my city 'Bathory' I have a whold bunch more (and just started another one) It seems like all my orignal fiction takes place there (heck Sam and Dean and the Browning sisters may even live outside of Bathory).

part of me wants to sit down and bind all the Bathory stories in a little book...
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