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Started a new Will and Gaw story today, well it's more of a continuation of the rose in the winter time... I don't know why I'm punishing Gawain all of a sudden (poor thing)

Anyway an update.  My dog died today, he's been sick and this is a blessed thing. It still sucks for us left behind though.

Kim if you are reading this I sent you an (well sevral) e-mails in the past few days... the last one is fairly important (not earth shatringly)

William is sitting at his desk when the second year student barges in.  He looks up at her clearly startled, she isn't one of his students and he doesn't know her name. 

"May I help you miss?"

"I've been sent to take you to the infirmary.  You are needed."

"I am in the middle of a class," William says.

"Sir," the girl starts, but she doesn't need to finish.  William is certain that it is Gawain.  Something has happened to Gawain.  He is up and out the door without even a thought to his class.  He dashes to the infirmary where he finds Gawain sitting up head hanging low. 

"Gawain?"  William asks kneeling next to his lover. 

"He won't let me heal him!" the school Healer says in an imperious tone.  William waves her away, but she ignores him, "You have to speak with him!"

"I just fell," Gawain says to William.

"From?" William asks.

"Broom," Gawain says with a cough "Oh! That hurts."

"Broken ribs," the Healer tuts from behind William, "He should have been flying, he is obviously ill!"

"You wanted me to talk to him.  You need to leave us be so I can talk to him!"  William snaps.  As the Healer retreats, William twines his fingers into Gawain's hair, "You said you would be resting today Gawain."

"Well, I was asked to help."

"But you are ill.  I agreed not to pester you about coming to the infirmary if you promised to rest for a few days," William's hands register the fever still running through Gawain, "but since you are here maybe you can be healed before we go back to the flat?"

"No.  You know I prefer to heal on my own.  It keeps me strong."

"You sound like my Father."

"He was a wise man William.  I just want to go back to the flat.  Will you take me?"

"If you let her look over you first."   

"I would prefer to go back to the flat.  I know what is wrong with me, it's nothing that a few days rest won't cure," Gawain looks up at William stubbornly.   

"If you say so, Gawain," William sighs. 

"And don't give me that 'physician heal thy self' bullox either!"   Gawain turns his head and starts to cough again, the short fit ends in a whine.  William pulls Gawain into a gentle hug; he hates the thought of Gawain being ill and wants the Healer to do her work.  But he also knows that Gawain is unlikely to let himself be healed.  Gawain can be fiercely stubborn.  "I want to go home," Gawain says against William's shoulder, "I want a bath and then a nap in front of the fire…"  

"And you will rest this time?" William asks gently, Gawain nods, "And if you aren't well in a few days I can bring you back and you will let her heal you?"

"If I'm not better in a few days you can take me where ever you like to have me Healed," Gawain says.  William stands and helps Gawain out of his chair.