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Catch my fall - part 2

Title: catch my fall, part 2 (part one http://bodgei.livejournal.com/65083.html#cutid1 )
Author: bodgei
Disclaimer: Sam and Dean aren’t mine, I’m just giving them the * relatively * normal life they deserve. They belong to any number of people now. I’m not making any money off this. ‘catch my fall’ belongs to Billy Idol.
Summery: Kate is woken in the night. And she has news for her husband.
Authors note: Part of the ‘Ten Years Gone’ storyline. All are married here, and I believe Dean’s daughter has been born, or soon will be. Don’t ask me what they were hunting, no one told me. Heck if I know if this is done. I have stuff surounding this from everyone's POV. So there is more ot coem I'm sure.

I've traveled and unwound my own truth yeah
I've laid my head on the rock of youth yeah
I’ve trusted and then broken my own word
Just to keep me free in this mad, mad word

It could happen to you so think for yourself

If I should stumble
Catch my fall yeah
If I should stumble
Catch my fall
Catch my fall

~Billy Idol

I step into Sam’s room and he smiles at me. His eyes are half lidded and he looks exhausted and ill. I guess he should, but it still hurts to see him that way. The oxygen mask is off, so I can see his smile clearly.

“I can’t believe Dean had you come out here in the middle of the night,” his smile is fixed, his eyes are a bit foggy. I would guess it’s painkillers.

“I never would have forgiven Dean if he hadn’t called,” I bend over and kiss his forehead.

“No real kiss?” he sounds whiney, but that’s OK I can forgive him. I’ve forgiven him before my lips brush his.

“Is that better?” I ask with a smile.

“How was your appointment? Are you feeling better?”

“Sam, you’ve been shot, that shouldn’t be the first thing you ask me!”


“Dean told you didn’t he?” I ask disappointed.

“No,” his eyes are closing again after a moment they open, “Dean didn’t say anything. He just wanted to know how I was feeling. I want to know how you are feeling.”

“I feel fine. I feel worried about my husband.”

“And what did the doctor say?”

“He said I’m pregnant,” I see a slow smile pass over Sam’s face, “We are having a baby.”

“I had a dream during surgery…” he fades a bit and then struggles to come fully awake again, “Can we name him John?”

“If it’s a boy, if you want to,” Sam is slipping off to sleep again. I lean in close and stroke hair gently, “It’s sweet. I think both Sir and Dean would like that.”

“It’s a boy,” his hand reaches out and brushes my belly, “I had a dream…” and he’s gone again. I sit with him for a time just watching his chest rise and fall. It all I want to do, sit there and watch my husband breathe. I want to see and hear every breath, to know that he is safe and cared for. I never think about what he does as being dangerous. I don’t think about what he does. And for him to have been shot by a mugger, just a mugger, makes the world seem so scary. That my husband could have been taken from me so quickly, so far from home had never occurred to me. So I watch, just memorizing every move, every breath, every second. I sit until Dean comes to get me.

“You haven’t eaten,” he says helping me up. I must have been sitting for quite sometime, because my legs are stiff, “You must be starved. You didn’t even eat the stuff I got you.”

“But?” I reach toward Sam.

“He’s sleeping. He’ll be sleeping even if you starve yourself to death. Of course that would make Sam sad, so I can’t let you starve,” he leads me out of the room and down to the coffee house in the lobby. Dean sits me down and goes off to get a tray of food. When he gets back he places in front of me a half a grapefruit, a yogurt, a cup of fruit salad and bagel with cream cheese.

“That’s what you want me to eat for breakfast? No coffee?”

“Coffee isn’t good for you, and these were the things Mare ate when she was pregnant,” he shrugs, “I could get you some bacon or something.”

“No, this will be fine,” he bought it for me, and he’s trying to be helpful, even if he is just being annoying.

“How did Sam take your news?”

“Like he already knew.”

“He’s like that sometimes.”

“I know, but I wanted to surprise him. And he already has a name picked out.”

“Really? What?”


“Sam wants to name his son John?” Dean says, a big smile crossing his face.

“Yeah, that’s what he said before he fell asleep,” I pause for a moment, “Is he really going to be alright?”

“They said it might be a few months before he’s one hundred percent but he should be one hundred percent again. We’ll have our Sammy back before you know it. You’ll see.”

“So…” I don’t really know what to say, “We just wait and see?”

“Yeah, we do. Then we take him home. As soon as we can, we take him home,” there is a light in his eyes that’s a bit weird, but I would guess he hasn’t slept, other than the few minutes in Sam’s room, and he’s always weird when it comes to Sam. We eat quietly for a time before Dean speaks again, “Can you take me to get the car?”

“Sure, but didn’t you drive here?”

“Came in the ambulance.”

“Oh,” well that makes sense, “Well, I want to check in with Sam before we go. Then I’ll take you where ever you want.”

“I wouldn’t leave without telling him where we are going.”

Of course Sam is still sleeping. I want to curl up in bed with him; I hadn’t realized how tired I am until now. Dean looks on as I sit down next to Sam, “I’m taking Dean to get the car. You just rest and then we’ll be back. You just rest,” what else is he going to do other than rest, he isn’t gonna get up and tango, “rest and get better.”

The Impala is in the parking lot of a bar. I don’t know where else I would expect it. I follow Dean to the motel where the boys have been staying. Dean looks like tired and defeated as he gets out of the car; his shoulders are slumped forward as if he is walking through a heavy rain.

“You want to come in,” he calls over to me, where I’m leaning against my car, “You look like you could use a rest.”

“Yeah,” I say walking over to my brother-in-law, I lean into him as he slips an arm around me, “Have you told your dad yet?”

“No,” he opens the door and points over to one of the beds, “that one is his. You get some rest.”

I dump my purse and curl up on the made bed. It smells like Sam. I guess it’s a nice thing that motels only change sheets every week or so, if they changed sheets every day the bed would smell of detergent, not my husband. I take the pillow in my arms and try to sleep. I keep catching bits and pieces of Dean talking on the phone, “No we didn’t finish… No…Kate is here…she’s resting,” I think I drift off for awhile, but he’s still talking when I become aware again, “She’s his wife… she loves him as much as we do, maybe more…if you want to… I don’t know Dad,” he sounds frustrated, I pull the pillow up over my head, “Look now we’ve disturbed her, if you want to come, come, if not give him a call…I don’t know, maybe tomorrow? He was sleeping. Yeah, see you,” I hear the phone hit the floor and I give myself over to sleep, nestled safe and comforted by the smell of Sam.

My cell phone rings, “Ghuhh?” I thought I was more awake than that.

“I thought you’d be here?”


“Yeah,” he sounds like he’s a million miles away.

“You were sleeping, Dean needed to get the car,” Sam makes a funny little noise, “I’ll be there soon Baby. How you feeling anyway.”

“Better than I did a few hours ago. Crappy.”

“I’ll be there soon. I promise.”

“You bringing Dean?” I glance over to the bed next to me, Dean is asleep, or at least he seems to be asleep.

“He’s sleeping, you want him?”

“He’s my brother,” that, of course doesn’t answer the question, “Dad called.”

“Did he?”

“Yeah,” his voice is flat and raspy.

“Don’t talk. I’m only a few minutes away,” I hang up and look over at Dean. He’s looking back at me.

“He alright?”

“I think he’s lonely. You want to come with me, or should we be taking shifts?”

“I’m coming.”

Sam looks brighter when we get to the hospital, maybe not better, but defiantly brighter. He looks at us with accusing eyes and then says, “You promised you’d be here.”

“I know, but-”

“Man, she was dead on her feet and you have to worry about the baby.”

“I woke up alone in a strange place…” something passes between the brothers that I don’t quite understand. I reach out and stroke Sam’s face. “I want to go home. I don’t want to be here, I want to be home.”

“I want you to be home,” I say.

“Doctors say about three days,” Dean says.

“You can do better than that, Dean. Get me out of here? When I sleep, I see all the sprits here, and I need to go home. I can’t stay here, it’s gonna kill me.”

“I’m not gonna let anything hurt you,” I say.

“You can’t see them, you can’t help me,” he’s sounding desperate.

“If you see ‘em you tell me, and I’ll keep them away from you. Alright?”
“Alright,” he says, but he doesn’t sound convinced. He doesn’t know I would face all the demons of hell for him. He’s never had reason to know that. Dean slips out while I’m fussing over Sam. I can’t help but fuss, trying to ease his pain by the force of my will.

“Does it hurt badly?” I ask. I feel like an idiot even asking.

“It’s not that bad. It’s hard to breathe. I had pneumonia when I was a kid – it kinda feels like that.”

“As soon as we can, we will take you home.”

“Chicken soup? Homemade? The food here is awful.”

“What ever you want,” I have to laugh at the excited face he makes, “Even if all you want is ice cream and soda.”

“You know me so well.”

“You are my husband.”

“Something I’m immensely glad of,” Sam says taking my hand and lifting it to his mouth. Our tender moment is interrupted by Dean’s return.

“I talked to the doctor, he wants to keep you for at least a week. Maybe longer.”

“I’m not staying here Dean,” Sam is trying to push himself into a sitting position, “I can’t.”

“If you can’t sit up, you can’t go home." Dean says. "When you can get out of bed, we’ll take you even if the doctor doesn’t want it.”


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Apr. 26th, 2006 12:36 am (UTC)

Apr. 26th, 2006 12:42 am (UTC)
well lets see I have a bit from Mare's POV about them getting home with Sam (in my back pocket) and also some from Sam's POV and soem things that are a bit later in the year but still related to this...
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