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update on me

Ok update on myself.

I’m finally feeling some relief from the injection I had on Last Monday. I still feel like crap, but I’m feeling better. I wonder if that’s why I keep coming back to “catch my fall”.

Emotionally I’m not all that wonderful either. I am very stressed out about my leg/back. And am sleeping like a rock. Something I never do – and it is taking it right out of me. My dreams are either very odd (last night) or nightmares.

Last night while I was dreaming I rolled over onto my bad leg and seemed to sleep that way for a time, So I woke up in some increased pain.

The Dr’s are all in agreement that I should be able to put of the surgery for about 10 years. I guess that’s a good thing. The surgery they are talking about is a fusion of my fifth lumbar vertebra to my pelvis. This will seriously change the way I live and hamper my mobility. It may not decrease the pain I feel. It may not do anything. It may make things worse - but theoretically it should stop the downwards slide…

We put 11 ewes to rams this year and got 5 live lambs and 2 dead ones.

All and all I’m not happy right now, and no matter how I try to hide it everyone seems to want to talk about it, except me.