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suprenatural fic

Title: For the love of Family
Author: Bodgei
Parings: everyone in the “Ten Years Gone” story cycle (except the kids who are not born yet) 
Warnings: Graphic sex. I kid you not. Also Wincest (again I kid you not)
Disclaimer: the Winchester boys aren’t mine and nether is the Impala. I’m not making any money off of this so don’t sue.
Authors Notes: I’m not into Wincest, it’s icky, but this came from a dream I had where I was Dean. The Waffle House really is there in a huge set of hotels – there are like 6 hotels with the same parking lot, a Waffle House, a Bob Evans and a Wendy’s also a grocery store.   
For  acostilow – she made me do this against my better judgment   
This day was a mistake. Well maybe the mistake was a few weeks ago when Mare convinced me that she wouldn’t marry me without meeting Dad first. That part was fine, I don’t mind Mare wanting to get to know Dad, the mistake was her wanting to bring Sam and Kate with us. We head out late in the day, with the intention of stopping for the night half way between home and the Waffle House of route 71 in Columbus where we were supposed to meet Dad. 
Sam hates the backseat, if I had to guess, it’s because it reminds him of being a kid, but Mare gets shotgun ‘cause she’s my girl and it’s my car. But Kate is in the back, and she can coax Sam to go anywhere. The stress of this situation was rolling of Sam in Waves. He slipped into the back seat and rested his head on Kate’s shoulder and smiled at me.
“You sure you want to go?” I asked him.
“Yeah,” he said.  Kate’s arms were tight around him. I nodded and started off, confident that Kate could distract Sam from just about anything.
I just hadn’t thought about how she would do that. Every time I glanced in the back the two of them were making out. Sometimes I’d look back and I wouldn’t see anything, or I’d see part of Sam’s or Kate’s shoulder. Sometimes there would be a shuddering moan. I drove until I couldn’t take it anymore. All I wanted to do was get a room and do to Mare what Sam and Kate had been doing in the backseat all day. Mare ran in to get rooms and came back with one key.
“They only had one room.”
“We could have gone somewhere else,” I said, hoping the desperation in doesn’t come through in my voice.
“Well we are here now,” she said in that ‘it’s final’ tone of voice. I wondered idly why I always let her get away with that. Sam and Kate got out of the car hands held fast together, Sam’s head was down and he was gazing at Kate sideways, from under his bangs. I knew I was in for along, and quite possibly loud, night. 
And that’s how I ended up here in a cheep motel room, Mare sleeping like a dead thing next to me, watching my brother fuck his girl. Every time I drift off to sleep, some noise would bring me back awake. Sam and Kate don’t seem to mind being watched, or maybe they like it, ‘cause they seem to be getting more acrobatic as I watch. When I can’t take anymore, when I’m so hard and desperate that I have to do something anything, I get up and head into the bathroom. I start the shower thinking ‘I have a girlfriend. I shouldn’t have to jerk off in the shower’. I step under the warm water, just as the bathroom door opens behind me. 
“Dean? You alright?” Sam’s voice comes from the other side of the shower curtain.
“Yeah,” I croak.
Sam’s hand draws back the curtain, “Ah,” he says looking at my swollen cock, “Yeah, I saw you watching,” he steps into the shower with me, “You want me to take care of that?” his hand reaches for me.
“Yeah,” just the suggestion makes me harder. It’s been years since Sam’s done this for me. I know it’s wrong, I know he’s my brother, but Sam gives the best blow jobs I’ve ever had. Just the vision of him kneeling before me is almost enough to push me over the edge. I moan as he takes me in his mouth, I dig my fingers into his hair and push hard into him. He pulls back letting my cock fall from his mouth.
“Jesus, Dean! I know what I’m doing! Relax and let me do it,” his mouth is on me again and I press my hands against the shower wall, to resist the urge to grab him by the ears. Sam is all tongue and teeth and I feel like he’s devouring me. He’s dragging his teeth up my shaft and then his tongue is circling my head. It’s wonderful. 
And then he starts to hum. 
“Oh God,” I moan as I fill my brothers mouth, my hands are pulling at his hair and I feel like I’m falling. The world is white and hot and the only things in it are Sam’s mouth and Sam’s hands. And then I really am falling and Sam is helping me to the floor of the shower and he is resting back on his heals, the water pouring over him. I wonder if he knows how hot he looks all wet and horny as hell. You’d have to be blind to miss his arousal, “Are you as good at that with woman?” I ask. 
“Yeah,” he says. A soft smile crossing his swollen lips, “there were times that was all Jess wanted. Kate. Well, Kate likes penetration.”
“Yes, I do,” Kate’s voice comes to me as the water is shut off. Sam shudders when the hot water stops coursing down his back. The curtain is drawn back and I get my first view of my future sister in law totally naked. She has larger breasts and ass than Mare, but she’s stronger and more toned as well. Naked like this I wonder how she hasn’t broken Sam. Her voice is husky as she looks at my brother, “You want me to take care of that Baby? Or are you having too much fun with your brother?   Is this my only chance to compare the two of you?”
Sam smiles suggestively at her and then turns to me reaching out for me again, his fingers send sparks through my body, and her mouth is on mine. Hands are on me, Sam’s, Kate’s hands trying to get me hard again. And it is working. I’m stroking Sam’s cock with one hand and questing between Kate’s legs with the other. She’s warm and wet and is fucking my fingers and moaning into my mouth, when Sam says something about the tub being too small for all of this. Sam stands and tries to pull Kate and me up with him but she seems to want to hold me down. He just shrugs and walks out of the bathroom. 
“You want to fuck me?” Kate asks, “Then I can know what Mare is always on about?”
I nod, not trusting my voice anymore. She smiles and lifts her self off of me; there is a shine on her thigh. I wonder how many times Sam has made her cum today and I want to be better than him. I want to make her forget him. I want to make her scream so loud that Sam will always remember that I fucked his girlfriend harder than he ever could. She draws me out into the room. Sam’s kissing Mare, but I don’t care. Kate pushes me down onto the bed she was sharing with Sam and straddles me. She drags her cunt across my cock. I didn’t think I could get any harder until she’s rubbed me with that warm, wetness a few times. When she thinks I’m ready she takes me inside her. She moves so slowly I want to cry. Then a few fast hard wild strokes, pounding me deep into the mattress, then a sudden stop, closing all her mussels around my cock; she’s holding me tight and hard. I can’t move. She’s’ smiling wickedly at me as I try to squirm under her, “Now, now. I’m not ready for you to blow your top just yet.”
It’s a few seconds before she starts up again. She takes my hands and places them on her breasts and leans forward, changing the angle. I hear myself moaning and a strange ticking noise in my throat.  I can’t take the frustration anymore I reach up and wrap my arms around Kate and flip her over. I want on top. Then hands are on my ass. Mare is on one side of me and Sam on the other. I wish I could fuck all three of them at once. Sam is sucking at one of Kate’s breasts and Mare is biting at my nipple. I have no idea who’s finger is up my ass and I don’t care. I can feel Sam’s cock against my leg, pumping against me. I wish it was pumping into me but this will do, the fingers inside me are moving in rhythm to my strokes in Kate. It’s all I can do to retain my rhythm as the four of move as one, Mare is whimpering next to me and I know someone is inside her, I can imagine it’s my fingers causing her to make those wonderful noises. Sam shifts and I can feel a fist between him and I, there is a moment of disappointment but then Kate is arching up into me crying out, and Sam is moaning and my strokes are getting long and sloppy with desperation. The finger is now deep in me and its stimulation of my prostrate is filling me with white hot fire. I can’t see, I can’t think. All I can do is feel. And I can feel everything and everyone. I feel like I’m expanding – Like I’m part of all three of them and they are part of me. 
And I’m exploding, breaking into a million little pieces. 
And I can’t breathe. I think I’m gonna die like this. Surrounded by love and beauty.
And it’s indescribably intense and beautiful. 
And I feel so loved.
And I’m so tired. 
And the hands of my family are guiding me to the mattress. 
And their voices are speaking words of love. 
And I’m curling between Kate and Mare and I’m falling into sleep. Mare curled against my back, Kate and Sam facing me, all three of them holding me, Sam reaching over Kate to rest his hand on my hip. His voice is dark and warm as coco as he murmurs to me.
“Get some rest Dean, we love you.”
I want to say something about chick flick moments, but I just can’t. Right at that moment all I can do is be glad that my family loves me.


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Apr. 23rd, 2006 01:39 am (UTC)
Oh yes. I likie. I likie a lot.

*is terrible and evil and stuff*

And you love me for it! *dances*
Apr. 23rd, 2006 03:31 am (UTC)
LOL.. I ithink this will be my only attempt at Wincest. It was hard to write even with haveing seen it... LOL
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