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Well I have a procedure on Monday. I have the prereges all set and everythign shoudl go fine. I will, of course, get sick. My body dosen't like to be sedated, and I invarably yarf comming out - unless I get really pissed off and get violent...
I'm a bit nervouse 'cause this is goign right into my back and not into my plevise (Like I normaly get)

As has happend every apointment since November I am in the midst of Jared dreams. Some of them are REALY weird. Most of them are just irritating - he's sitting there glaring at me. Or teling me I have to go to the apointmnet (Of course i have to go - I had to get a ride)

I like him, he's very cute and he seems like a nice guy, but honislty I don't like him as my minds posterchild for healthcare.

I need an icon that says that.