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ceep motel ideas (and general stuff)

OK I leave tomorrow for OH. You may not think this, but in the horse world OH is full of cowboys. Quarter Horse congress is in OH every year. That being said, I will not be there to pick up cowboys. I will be there to work. That is it.

I have to call mom to remind her to tape Supernatural for me on Thursday. Since the show ends at 8 I doubt I’ll be back to the room for nine. On the up side, I’ve been told I won’t have to go to KY (no cowboys there, oddly I did meet a Hockey player last year). I should be home sometime on Monday. I will be taking Tuesday off (if I can possibly swing it).

I have a bunch of fan fics up in the air right now… happy just isn’t working out for me – I know I promised. Also I have sort of a second half of “I want to Dance with you” addressing the “he just had sex in Dean’s car and Dean didn’t say anything” thing.

I will be taking “Craptop” with me, so I should be able to write. But it won’t connect to the internet. On the up side, it has a good battery and works well in the bathroom. I guess I should explain that – I have insomnia, my work partner doesn’t so at night I’ll go into the bathroom and read or write. One night I was in there for two hours and when I came out she was sitting up working. We both had been pretending to sleep, so as not to ‘wake’ the other.

Stupid things about cheep motels, up for grabs for Supernatural fan fics:

They don’t always have rooms with 2 beds. And even if they do, sometimes they won’t give them out (got me – but we only get our own beds ½ the time)

They smell bad as often as not. The last inmate – er guest, always had a cat or a cigar or both with them.

Motel six sells off the lamps and art on the wall (if you want your house decorated by the people that decorate Motel Six) also the shower curtains and what not.

Never stay by the ice machine - you can hear it through the wall.

Always travel with a walk man, ample cds and a huge amount of batteries.

Rooms with the window on a different wall from the door are worth the extra money.

If you can, the room with the fridge and two sinks are the best!

I can't think of anything else right now, but I'm sure I'll have somethign new when I get back.