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I always forget that the dress for agricultral work and biker ganges is just about the same. Went to work the sheep this am - had to clean up tails so we could 'band' them. So I have on dirty jeans (with holes) a pair of Justin work boots (in a nice traditional cowboy look to them - lace up with Kiltys) my hair in two brades with a blue bandana overtop and a tee shirt that says 'Delaware Home of the fighting blue hens' and has a drawing of a Blue Hen in full fight mode (wings up tallons out - he even has the little steal spurs on).

Anyway Arbys is right next to a Indain and Triumph dealer (I have no idea how he is making money these days - with Indian out of busness) anyway a biker guy tried to pick me up at arbys. And here I am thinking I look like a cowboy - ah well.