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just an update

work: I have 7 days of work to do in 8.5 hours.

health: I sceduled my procedures and I promise I will go.

Dreams: haveing the normal "motel dreams" that I always have before going places with K for work. althogh I have had the additon of Jared on night - just stairing at me, it was kinda creepy.

things I shouldn't have done: I spent $31 at the dvd/music store. Got a copy of the Movie "the fog" and the cds "dead Letter Office" (REM), "Blood Sugar Sex Magic" (red hot chili Pepers) and "All the Right Reasons" (Nickelback)

OK Dead Letter was my first REM album - me and all my geeky freinds used to dance around to it in the parkinlots we hung out in...

The chili peper album is one that we used to listen to alot (but I never really liked it that much so I don't know why I go it except 1) it ended up being free, 2) I do love Suck My Kiss.

Nickleback - well I Love Animals and Save' me (OK and I love Photograph as well)

I'm gonna try to get photos of the new lambs this weekend


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Apr. 1st, 2006 01:43 am (UTC)
As for the dreams, Jared crept into mine last night, although it was thouroughly disappointing after last night's Supernatural. I was expecting something risque, and then what did I get?

He and I sitting in my rec room watching television. There may have been a crossword puzzle involved.

Stupid anticlimactic subconscious!

Also, have you watched The Fog yet? I've been thinking about seeing it, but it got iffy reviews so I'm wary.
Apr. 1st, 2006 03:24 pm (UTC)
I haven't seen Fog yet... probably tonight.

I don't dream much and he seems to be makeing lots of stops in them - mostly in dreams about things I'm worried about (health care and work) - I've only had one risque dream about him and it was him - jensen (who went off with my husband) and the Dalis Stars Hockey team...
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