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Dr update

for those of you that are following the dr thing... Yes I went. No it didn't go well. I am very upset becasue I let myself have the hope/fear thing all last week. But no go - the only thing that will do much good is Magor surgery. Nope sorry- not doing it (at leat not yet). And honistly he didn't seem entused by doing a spine fusion on a 35 year old. I'm hopping ot hold off on that until I am 50.

I will be having 2 small procedures done on the off chance that they my help - 2 epidurals. They will call to schedule them in the next few days. I'm hoppeing to go back to the pain level I was at before Novemeber.

On the up side he did say I seem to be takeing care of myself - that if it wasn't for the total lack of reflexes on my left side and the fact that I can't hold my big toe up, you might not even be able to tell I'm living in agony. My muscles and disks are all intacted and obviously I am takeing care not to wreck myslfe. I have to say that is a wonderful complement from a spine specalist.

If my subcounsious sends me Jared tongiht I am goign to shout at him. Taht coudl be part 3 of the Karma TRain story...LOL