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well we got the first lambs today. They are twin Longwool buck lambs, one is big and lovley and too dumb to find the tit. Tansey (the mom) is getting so frusrated with him that she is butting him around. I had to hold him to nurse. I may have to bottle feed him - and that would so totaly suck. I do want him to get hocked up with T-bird cause she is usuly such a good mom - and again I don't want to have to bottle feed him. But he may be really spectacular - if he makes it. The smaller one will have awesome wool.

Rosey STILL hasn't delivered - she was due the 5th of March. We still have 10 ewes that could be pregnant and I'm on my own with them this weekend - as all the other caretakers are going to Sleepy Hollow this weekend.

I dropped a saddle on my face today. It ran across the tip of my nose and across my lips I look like i've been in a fight. It's kind of funny. I have a black eye (and two cuts) from somethign else (I'd tell you but i have NO idea how I got it). I look really tough these days (or maybe rough would be a better way of saying it)

The fiction voices are pushing me in all differnt directions - Kate is pulling me one way Sam the other... it's kinda funny to have them bickering in my head.