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ten things

No order (I guess)

Canides in general (but the top three would be the domestic dog, the coyote and the timber wolf)

Sheep (OK I know those two don’t really go together you aren’t supposed to like coyte and sheep)

Hockey (watching hockey with husband, playing hockey with husband)

Spending time with my husband (when he is not being a complete and utter nut job)

Writing – both fan fiction and original fiction (and I love comments more than anything).

Dreaming (something I seem to be doing a lot of recently – but don’t do on a regular basis)

Friends adn my cat (Toby the stinky mouselord of amsbury)

The “dancing crab” part of my personality (It’s kind of hard to explain but I’ll say I’m a Cancer just think of the dancing crab as the part that goes around and sells things to people even if what it is selling is its self)

Four scripted shows (Supernatural, Numbers, Lost, Crossing Jordan)

My family (no matter how weird they are)

I could go on forever - but honistly not a whole lot of people read this. I could even give some interesting things about each of these if anyone is iterested...