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shoudl I go to TC in January?

Well a freind asked me to drive with her to San Antonio with her next January or Feb. She wants to get a Long horn - this woudl be an actual cow (or steer I don't know I didn't ask her) I am in the market for an Ox (most likely a steer - because in some states it is illegal to use a cow as an ox) or a milk cow.

Anyway I had to tell her that I thought that TX was like one step away from hell.

OK before anyone gets mad at me I was in TX for all of 2 hours once. It was the Dallis airport and I spent the entire time tryingto convince the people at the check in desk that the people at Logan airport had taken both bording passes when we got on the plane (they had - it was right after 9-11 and the flight was nonstop when we booked it and then they didn't fly nonstop out of Logan anymore and the people at logan are all dinks...) anyway the peopel I met in the airport were nice and freindly, but the coffee was aweful.

that's my impression of TX - bad coffee.

Come to that everyone I've ever met from TX makes bad coffee.

Anyway, she talked me into it (I guess SA isn't that bad?) she thinks I'll like TX (Like never come home like it) Well if I fall for TX then I'll have to start selling Western stuff and I haven't done that in almost 12 years. It could be fun, I do miss the western end of the industry. I faked it pritty well.

It coudl be fun, she's like my adopted little sister. and I almost never go on raod trips... and baby cows at the end...


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Mar. 21st, 2006 05:41 am (UTC)
would it help you to know that Jared's hometown *is* San Antonio?
Mar. 21st, 2006 12:10 pm (UTC)
well that may go a long way to the "never comming home" liking it part...

I have a feeling this will fall through since work can't be without both me and Sarah at the same time.

TX still looks like hell to me...LOL but since I am writing about a "hammer" hell shoudl be familar and comfortable to me LOL
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