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When the rivers all run dry part 2

More of my Supernatural fan fic. It's the second half of when the rivers all run dry, oddly enough it's a whole diffrent story with Sam narating. I was thinking about posting this and when the rivers all run dry one as one peice at SN fiction... but maybe just this part. I think it stands alone - but what do I know.

Let me know what you think - reviews are like crack (I know I said coffee is like crack but they BOTH can be right?)

The boys arn't mine but Kate and Mare are - the farm doesn't exist anymore (I went and checked the other day) - one more peice of my youth gone forever... sigh*

I hadn’t meant to fall for Kate. In the dreams all I saw was Dean falling for Mare. And I really just thought he needed that nice normal future I saw for him if he married her. I didn’t see Kate in my dreams, and I was surprised by her presence. I hadn’t expected to fall in love with a woman whose first words to me were over the gun she was pointing at my face.

Kate was just average, average height, brown hair and blue eyes; she’s fit – strong. She has a really fine ass. Dean would laugh to hear me say that. She drives too fast, and listens to her music too loud. So loud, in fact, that she holds her cell phone in her mouth while driving, so she can feel the vibrations through her teeth. Her music trends towards Led Zeppelin, The Doors and Pink Floyd, but still loud. She mostly drives a ford one ton with no rear view mirror, and when she wasn’t driving that she has a Pontiac sunbird.

She has Dean’s confidence with guns. Our second ‘this is not a date’ the four of us went to a dump. She and Dean spent the evening showing off, trying to top each other with how many rats they could kill. It was flattering in an odd way, to have someone showoff that way for you. Sweet, in a freakish kind of way. Mare says Kate shot on the rifle team at college.

Our first ‘this is not a date’ ended on a bit of a bad note.

We got to the farm to investigate the tenant house. The story goes like this, when there is a drought in the area of this farm, the tenant house goes up in flames, killing someone and then the rains return. It doesn’t happen often, five times in the last hundred years or so, not exactly high priority. But the area was in the middle of a drought, so Dean agreed to it.

The girls caught us creeping around in a field. I have to say it’s a little disconcerting to have a gun pointed at you, even when you know how it’s gonna end. I knew that Mare would take a shine to Dean. I knew we weren’t in any real danger, it’s just not the end of the gun I prefer to be on. Anyway, we got to look around the tenant house. Mare lived in the white clapboard house, and her sister across the lane in a brick house. We didn’t find anything. And I mean nothing. But the whole time we were looking through the house Dean was working his mojo on Mare, her real name is Mary – Elizabeth, and that was the real point of this trip.

We end up at a local bar. I know it’s not that original, but it seems that the girls had been going there anyway. Heck, with or without the girls Dean and I probably would have ended up there, it seems like we always end up eating in a bar somewhere. I have a few. I have enough that when Kate asks me to dance I say yes. I’m not one that dances often, and even if I did, I can’t think of anytime I would have recently.

Dean keeps smirking at me and that is a bit disconcerting, but being with Kate is so comfortable. It seems she can talk about anything, and her mind is open about our line of work. She says she sees a lot of ghost hunters, because of the tenant house. I can’t tell if she believes any of it, but I don’t have to make up a cover story. But that’s not what she’s asking about, she wants to know what it’s like to travel around with Dean. She wants to know where we’ve been. She wants to know about architecture and where to get good coffee. She wants to know what I studied in school. I feel comfortable with Kate. She just feels so normal, and when I’m talking with her I feel a little closer to normal myself.

After an evening of drinking, talking and dancing, we go back the farm. We pull up the lane, past the mane house, the one Mare and Kate’s parents live in and up the lane to the girl’s houses. The tenant house is burning merrily. Right now I’m not the biggest fan of fire. I know that sounds weird considering how much fire we use in our work, but that’s contained. Dean or I are always in control of that. This is a house fire. It’s different and it’s out of control.

“Don’t go in there, please,” Kate says resting a hand on my arm. I hadn’t been planning on going in the house, “if you go in there it’ll take you too.”

“There is someone in there,” I say.

“He’s not there anymore. He was gone before the fire started.”

We get joined by the parents and are drawn into what seems like it may be a long-standing argument. Kate doesn’t think the house should be rebuilt, the father does and Mare is just upset that her house has burned. While we stand in the lane it starts to rain.

The drought is over.

We end up in Kate’s house drinking coffee as the family continues to argue for a few hours. I don’t really feel like we should be involved in this, but I’m not going to suggest that we leave. Dean, of course, adds his opinions, but I don’t think anyone was listening to him. After a time the parents leave.

Dean spent the rest of the night consoling Mare. He consoles her often and loudly.

Kate and I play cards. I wasn’t feeling – well I was feeling agitated. She wanted to know why. Why the fire upset me. So I told her. I told her the whole thing. And she listened. She just listened all night and never once did it feel like she thought I was crazy. She just held my hand and let me talk. It had to have been the strangest night I’ve had in a while. Just sitting there at the kitchen table drinking coffee and talking. Eventually we moved to the couch and eventually we fell asleep curled up there together.

And that is where Dean found us when he got up. I’ll probably never hear the end of it.

We spent a week on the farm with Mare and Kate. I didn’t see much of Dean, which, I have to admit, was a nice change. Kate showed me around the farm, when it wasn’t raining. We walked the fences and wandered through the fields. I never would have thought I would be out petting a cow in the middle of a rainy, muddy field, but I do it. And, of course, we talked. We talked constantly, about anything. Kate could carry a conversation about just about anything.

It does rain a lot though. And with the rain we spend time reading and talking. It was wonderful. And then after a week Dean said it was time to go. I didn’t want to go. Kate just exudes normalcy and comfort, and I don’t want to leave that. I didn’t want to leave being able to talk about any thing I want to.

Packing up I noticed my things had managed to get all over her house. Kate gave me a stack of books to take along. When I ask when she needed the books back she stood up on her toes and kisses my nose.

“You’ll be back,” she said with absolutely no doubt in her voice.

I know I’ll be back.

I hadn’t meant to fall for Kate. The trip was all about Dean. Really.


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Mar. 21st, 2006 02:50 am (UTC)

me likie. i really do :)

write more! :)
Mar. 21st, 2006 12:08 pm (UTC)
I have two in the works - one after he and Kate are married and they are having the baby... and one involving John (not the baby) - although to Kate he is simply "sir" but in a teasing tone of voice.
Mar. 22nd, 2006 02:42 am (UTC)
heh, that's cool :)

can't wait to read more!!
Mar. 22nd, 2006 02:45 am (UTC)
I'm glad! She's fun to write... weird but fun.
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