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for those of you that were wondering - I went to my CAT scan today (how could I not after getting the 'you don't take care of yourself' lecture from Jared in my sleep and the puppydog look? I mean really?)

And now I kinda want to write a fic about people hireing them-selves out to subconsious minds to do lectures and public service anoncments in peoples dreams. The actors woudl be paid in Karma. I woudl like to think he got a little something for talking to me about health care after all. It seems like an interesting concept- I'll have to bounce it around in my mind for a while.

Maybe I'll get around to finishing "when the rivers all run dry" over the weekend... sigh* I have the whole thing figured out (a rareaty for me) I just haven't been able to sit down and wirte it...

Plus I need to do some work on my Hammer story (I have an idea for Gil and I need to try it out and see how it flys) and I was hopeing to have 10 pages of White Road down by now (I have five and I haven't finished setting it up yet) and I haven't finished my soty for Blake's birthday (but I have about a month)

I think I need a vacation just to get everything that I don't get paid for done. Maybe if I have spinal surgery I will have time to get everything down.