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my day was odd - and I nver got the flipping coffee either


Cause I never give my journals names… LOL.

Today has been terrible, a terrible day in a terrible week and month. The coffee maker at work died about 2 weeks ago and so I have been subsisting on tea. Now don’t get me wrong I like tea, but without coffee – well lets just say it’s like crack for me. I’ve been decreasingly functional at work since the machines death and finally ended up with the flu and having to take 2 days off (probably not coffee related but heck who knows) I went to work yesterday and drank 15 cups of tea and found each and every one of them more and more frustrating.

Today starts lovely – I mean it’s gorgeous it’s 70 when I get to work. I make a cup of tea. I sit down and read a story before I have to start work. M gets to work – she brings me a bagel (life is looking good) S gets to work and she’s brought cookies (life is stunning) I get to open the warehouse door – I can see the world. Things are perfect. I take a sip of tea – and suddenly it’s like a black cloud has descended on me.

“So you still going to get a fishamajig at lunch?” I ask S (I’ll skip the bit about the fish sandwich names for the rest of this)

“Yup, why?”

“I want coffee.”

“What was that’s?”

“I want my fucking coffee.”

“Tea’s not doing it for you?” She’s smiling at me.

“No it’s not. Want coffee.”

“So you’ve been so unpleasant all this time ‘cause you’re detoxing.”

“I am not I just want my fucking coffee!”

“Right – you’re detoxing.”

Anyway it went on for awhile. Then things start falling. So I start shouting at the ghost – who just thinks it’s so flipping funny to chuck things around when I’m pissed off (heck he was probably the one who blew up the coffee maker in the first place) I think it’s trying to cheer me up – but since I have to clean up all the messes it makes I don’t generally think it’s amusing.

So here is to me arguing with a flipping ghost (well I would guess he’s a poltergeist) with all my co workers looking on (well it’s not like they haven’t see this stuff as well – so they don’t think it’s odd – but the me yelling part is)

So now I have the headphones on 9 and Linkin Park in the cd player (total bad mood music) ans (as soon as I post this) I will be going out to the garage to find the extra coffee maker – I need coffee at work.


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Mar. 11th, 2006 02:21 am (UTC)

Once in the middle of our second winter in Rochester, NY, I'd had quite enough of the cold and the snow. When I went outside to get in my car to go to and found the snow plow had practically buried our car, again, I started screaming at the snow to just melt. I think I shouted something along the lines of, "I wish you would just melt, dammit!" I wanted it to die actually but snow's inanimate...

I'm really glad no one was paying to close attention, 'cause if they had, I'd probably would've been dragged off to the funny farm.

Hope a new coffee makers quickly replaces the old one!
Mar. 11th, 2006 01:24 pm (UTC)
I just found an extra coffee maker to take in... LOL
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