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I think I may write a fan fic. I hate writing fan fic - it takes time. If it didn't take time I woudln't mind so much. This one may be fun though, I think it will be a Supernatural fan fic.. not very interesteing, but maybe some thing difernt than I normaly write.

I've also decied I need a muse. One I can acess all the time, coyote is to - well he isn't very reliable. I can't figure out how to make myself focuse on what i need to get done. My mind keeps bouncing around.. I get a little bit here and a little bit there, and I can't get back to being productive.

I am very frustrated. I want to have someone (or something) that makes me feel creative. It's not that I feel uncreative or blocked - I have the ideas it's the gettign it on paper part that I can't seem to do. I have all these chericters in my head babbling, but I nver get it down... sigh