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Welcome to my Craptastic weekend.

OK so I’m back from AC (for those of you who are not from the Mid Atlantic region that would be Atlantic City). I left my house at 5:15 on Thursday morning and I got back at just about midnight last night. I have been working about 12 hours a day for that time – admittedly I am very tired.

We stayed at the Trop in a $500 room (mind you our boss paid $117 on average a night for it) but a group of High School/ collage football players were in the next room – with their girlfriends (not much sleep was had between the 2 rooms). To give you some idea – I rode down in the elevator with the three boys and the three girls and – has anyone seen House of Wax? I swear to you all the boys were over 6’4” and had on 15 layers of clothes and the girls were all around 5’ and had on tank tops.

Almost none of my industry friends came – so we were board.

Oh yeah no customers came either.

Did I mention it snowed? A lot? And power was out – mind you the Trop has a generator, but my cell phone didn’t charge. And the elevators pretty much didn’t work either- not bad unless you are on the 32 floor.

I’ve had “Fly By Night” by Rush stuck in my head for 5 days.

I did flirt with a forklift driver – and that ended up working out cause he broke Union policy and got our truck loaded before a lot of people (and he went to a “non- union” dock to do it so that was a big deal) and we got out of the show by 10 pm.

I think we got like 30 orders. That is REALLY bad.

So anyway, I’m going to go eat and then sit in my room and wait for Supernatural to come on. Hopefully I wont fall asleep (since they aren’t showing it on Sundays anymore). On that subject this is the third Tuesday MMR did a double shot of AC/DC on Tuesday during the 20 min I am in the car coming home from work – I think it was last week that they said Supernatural fans had been requesting it – So maybe every Tuesday I can drive home to AC/DC (this week it was Hells Bells and Shook Me) I am hoping that this is a sign that CWN will keep the show.

My bet for the song tonight is "Run like Hell" by Pink Floyd (Mind you I doubt they can afford that one)