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I posted this at Fiction writers I don't know exactly why I got so upset

Ok I haven’t read the fiction in question so maybe I shouldn’t respond, and maybe I should be responding to the post above with this… I don’t know.  Honestly I find the fact that we are even discussing the question “is a story has to do with Santa Claus original or fan fiction?” extraordinarily disturbing.  A huge amount of authors write Mythic Fiction.  Have you ever read the Narnia chronicles, or the works of Charles deLint or Terri Windling    Maybe I’m missing the point of the people who have posted above me, but it seems like the trend is ‘if someone used a character before you did then you shouldn’t be able to post it here – even if it isn’t exactly the same character. 

Guess what Fan fiction is using someone’s copywrited characters, Santa isn’t (and neither is God, Coyote, Tam Lin, Apollo and so on and so on) if using such characters was fan fic a huge number of novels would not be published.  

the posts are


and http://www.livejournal.com/community/fictionwriters/682226.html?view=2948082#t2948082


I found these realy disterbing (as I guess you can see) I don't want to be upset by things like this it is silly and small minded - I don't think I have posted much (if any) fiction at that comunity and now I doubt I ever will... in fact I may drop them off of my f'list. 

PS go to endicott  for some awesome M fiction and non fic http://www.endicott-studio.com/



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Dec. 12th, 2005 02:03 am (UTC)
Since the explosion of on-line, DIY, publishing, the ideas of what fits in which categories have gotten very confused.

I would not put stories about Santa in fan fiction. I whole-hearted agree with your take. Santa is a mythical creature and as such is fair game.

I've found that finding an on-line community to post stories to can be rather difficult. When I was still working on an unfinished HP fic, I had been considering skyehawke. The commenters seemed to be a pleasant sort and the quality seemed decent. They also allow for original fiction.

You had to petition to get accepted but honestly, it didn't seem like it would be all that difficult. The process was to get someone who already had an account to invite you to participate. The way to get known was to review stories. Give several good reviews and then ask one of the people you reviewed to ask you aboard. That was my plan originally.
Dec. 12th, 2005 11:59 pm (UTC)
that sounds pritty cool (skyhawk that is) what I'm finding relaly bothersom is htat in the fictionwriters comunity no one ever coments on fictions posted - but there are 20 some replys to the post above.

I post most of my stuff at Devaint art - I get some good coments there. Also I have this idea for a e- mag (posably to become a real mag) of all woman autors and artersts that work in Speculitve fiction/art.
Dec. 13th, 2005 02:40 am (UTC)
I remember you mentioning something about the e-mag. I run my local shire's newsletter and it is a chore to get anyone to submit anything to it. Once in a great while I get something, but mostly it's me just churning it out.

I've found that comments for written work in HP fandom are really odd and unfortunately for the writers, at times mostly pointless. Mostly they say some variation of, "I liked this, when will you post more." It's nice to get praise and know that someone is reading your stuff but it doesn't help if you've got some sort of problem or tell you what exactly they liked.

One of the sites I read occasionally "The Clan of Pervy Werewolf Fanciers" (It's here on LJ. It's a Remus-centric site, with more NC-17 slash (there's hetero stuff as well, but you have to look hard for it) than anywhere else I've seen. Luckily, most of it is fairly decent, so it hasn't been a torture to read.) has better commentary. Mostly the comments are praise and many of the posters say what they liked about a piece, whether it was the dialogue, the imagery, or a turn of a phrase. Once in a while you'll even see a gentle criticism that has been met graciously and without histrionics.

A lot of people out there haven't got a good idea of how to give good criticism. When I find a story that I want made better and feel as though my comments would help, I make note of the things I like first and then ask a question about the thing I think could be made better. My questions are along the lines of, "Why did you choose the character to have this action?" or "Did you mean for this particular thing to happen?" Then I conclude with how much I'm enjoying the story so far and look forward to updates (if applicable.)

Good luck!
Dec. 13th, 2005 03:10 pm (UTC)
I useuly go with the "If it stopped me it will stop soem one else" line of thought for comenting. Also I did a lot in 4-H as a young person and so I have the "Grant and fault" line of comentary. I don't care if you are the worst writer in the world there is soemthign positve to say about a story - I've never read one that didn't have some thing good in it.

Somehow this has made me the person to go to when you have written yourself into a box. I can't write a plot to save myself and yet people coem to me for advise... sigh*
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