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Well I have a story stuck in my head. This wouldn’t bother me except that I ma working on a story already (about half way done) and have another out with an editor- I guess what really bugs me about this story stuck in my head is that it is “high fantasy” Knights in Armor and Elves and what not. I don’t read a lot of that and when I do it is rare that I enjoy it – I find most High fantasy is either Tolken clone or TSR clone and I don’t want to be that. I’ll never be Tolkein – and I don’t even want to try… anyway I keep trying to get rid of the story and it keeps coming back, I think if I write part of it I may be able to get it out of my system but at the same time I don’t want to waste the extremely limited time I have…

Also I want to write a story based on Tam Lin words are here http://www.tam-lin.org/front.html this is the version that was printed in Child’s it’s close to the version I would like to use. Mind you almost everyone has written a story about this… ah well we can never be truly original.