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Harry Potter post

OK I know I never post and if I do it is alwasy somethign dull (like real life) but here we go a post relating to HP. Some of you know that I am from a long line of Ministers- my family has been involved with the Unitarian/ Universalist church since the begining here in the US. Anyway that's why I'm suprized this never ocured to me before...

The house colors show what the house is all about!

I can't beleve I was so silly as to not notice this before.

Hufflepuff = Yellow (I'm useing Maze, lemon and Citron for yellow) Maze represents Agrecultire (herbology) Lemmon is Lybrary scinces, and the citrons are all the socal services. OK so tell me that isn't Hufflepuff all right there.

Ravenclaw = blue. The blues are all Philosophy and ethics

Slytherin = green. The greens are all Medicaen (including pharmicy)

Griffindor the reds are all Theology (including cannoncal law) and comunications.

Russit (half way between the reds and the yellows)is conservation and foristry I posted that for Haggrid...