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Nov. 6th, 2005

OK I know I haven't been updating much - there isn't much to say really.

Tom is out of the hospital and for all intents and perpouses seems to be getting better. I know it's cycle, he will have good times and bad. He is in hotel this week and should be moving into an apartment tomorow. between the alowence I give him and the day jobs he does for people and the temp service he should be alright. It is cheaper than the room he just left. Odd how each thing he rents is nicer and yet cheeper than the last. He has a new psycologest as well (added to the 3 times a week he does group). I think he is restarting his disability clame. Between the physical injury and the being crazy I doubt he will ever be able to hold a job for any lenth of time. Sudenly everyone wants to help him though. The past week he seams to be *almost* the person I married.

As for my life? Well I leave for a show on Tuesday am so if you don't hear from me that's why.

I haven't written any compleated peices in a week or so. I have 3 ideas in my head.

I've read one of the books given to me at the Witching Hour. It was called Sister of the Raven. I enjoyed it VERY much, and I don't genraly like High (mideval) fantisy. Of course this one was set in a Muslem type country. I will be reading the other book I have by her as soon as I finish Valent (by a Withcing Hour Guest). I think I may write soem YA fiction - as in the heros will be young... LOL