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<lj-cut text="weirdness "> Well I can't decide.  That is very odd for me.  I love my husband.  But there is this guy, we see eachother like 4 days a year.  Here's the funny thing.  I've had a crush on one of his co workers since the instant I met him.. but this one, well... he's just kinda snuck up on me, and now I seem to have feeligns for him.  "Feelings of an almost human nature.  This will not do."

Anyway, I don't have anyway to get in touch with him til Januarary... unless he decides to contact me at work.  Or I do that same (but that woudl look really wierd) I know that it dosen't meen anything, no matter what I think... 4 days dosen't make a relationship... And I love my husband.  Sigh*  I wish there was some way to see the answers...<lj-cut>