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third Floor Corridor

sent out another e-mail at TFC - don't know why I bother. People arn't comming back, and the people who are there don't bother to post. It's sad really. Hopefuly the vet will be calling soon so I can come get my cat. the vet says she is tough. I don't think of Stinky as being tough, she's just the cat. Guess I won't be carrying her around with her feet hanging down for a few weeks, she still hates when I hold her back feet, so I guess I won't be carrying her around at all.

I've startd another Bathory story, it fits in with "Babysiting" except it is in first person and from Ryes POV not Jamie's. I've been thinking about why people think he hates Magic even when I know he dosen't... so I'm gonna try to touch on that.