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who’s average now?

Got back from the Witching Hour at 8pm last night, I had heaps of fun.  I don’t know how to actually write this out, so maybe I’ll just crash through it.  I will probably be writing little bits and pieces about this for some time.  So I’ll just go off of the top of my head I’ll try not to use names to protect the innocent.


L/J people I met:


Ani Bester, awesome to meet in person.  Her presentation was wonderful, I thought I would feel out of place (Not knowing anything about art) but she made it so that people of all levels could understand and enjoy.   I did tell her that her picture of Remus and Peter was the first pic I commented on – on line (I should have said of people who I didn’t know already)


Shadowpryde: funny I’ve always had this question about her L/J name, and I hung out with her for most of the weekend before I even knew she was shadowpryde.  Got to ask my question, and the answer is yes she is an x-men fan.  I miss being into comics, but at this point I have the cost issue (I simply can’t afford it).


OK on to the weekend:


Got there on Thursday, I took my first reader with me- he may not be into Harry Potter so much but is a HUGE fan of one of the Key Note speakers.  Went to pick up my registration packet, and was welcomed with a yellow lanyard – I had been sorted into Hufflepuff .


“That’s never happened before,” I say.


“I’m sorry, but it will be OK,” the woman handing me the packet says (I found out later that she was also in Hufflepuff and one of our largest supporters.  My friend was also in Hufflepuff so I figured we would go to the opining dinner and then basically never do anything in the House again, after all I don’t think I’m Hufflepuff – I wasn’t planning on supporting Hufflepuff – in fact I wasn’t planning on doing any games or what not for housepoints.  I wanted to meet deLint – go to the huge amount of writing workshops and that was that, HP was secondary. 


Ah how things can change.


I went to the dinner, Blake and I sat at the far end of the Hufflepuff table – away from most to the costumed people.  We sat with three VERY nice people (one young teacher, and a girl and her Mother) and talked all night. Then went home – well to my cousin’s home, in Sommerville.


Next day ran into one of the girls from the night before.  She talked us into playing Qudditch for the Hufflepuff house team.  Or at least go to the tryouts.  OK so we went, and it was the three of us and then the 2 others from dinner and then Shadowpryde showed up and then last but not least a young girl.  We had a team – a full team.  The Griffs had about 4 people (and were doing card tricks) and I would say off hand, two or three of each of the other houses.  Somehow by the time we had left we were a real team.  Like a real team we spent A LOT of time together (except for the youngest of us who seemed at the time to be very standoffinsh but I realized she wasn’t – she was just with her parents and they were in Griff).  By that night we were identifiable to outsiders as the Team.  Hufflepuff was the ONLY identifiable team.  When we split up to do other things people would be able to say “Oh you just missed the rest of the team they went that way”


I have to say that felt cool.   People took out pictures – all the time.  I think we may have even swaggered.  The Band Harry and the Potters had a house pride song and made Hufflepuff yell “average” as a call – and we discussed rushing the stage. 


Long story short: It was pissing down rain when we played the finals.  I turned in my WORST game in net (hoop?) ever – but in my defense it’s really hard to jump when the mud is up to your ankles.  We lost – but we still got 200 HP.  We were supposed to have a picnic after the finals, but it was moved inside for the rain.  More pictures.  But we were hard to resist with all that mud on us.


Next day we did many challenges (to make up for loosing the game) and many house points were awarded for some things that happened at the ball (I wasn’t there but my non HP stuff will take longer to post I think).  At this point Griff seemed to be in the lead. 


By the time we got to the Final Brunch everyone was on pins and needles about it – we knew it was between us and Griff – but you know we wanted it more.  They held out telling us till almost 11 (shadowpride had to catch a bus at 11) they announces Slytherin first (they didn’t even try) and then Ravenclaw (they gave up at some point – but were EXTREAMLY supportive of us). So now she announces “in second place Gr-“ and all Hufflepuffs just erupted – we yelled and stamped so loud we shook the building I still have no voice because of all the yelling.  I think I may have shouted “who’s average now?”     


Ah well enough for now.  I have a house cup and a muddy yellow bandana.   A list of people I have to e-mail, and a story request.  I have to take the cat to the vet. 


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Oct. 12th, 2005 03:17 pm (UTC)
Go HUFFLEPUFF! (And that's probably the only time I'm going to say that on record.) {grins}

-Draconis Leona-
Oct. 12th, 2005 03:31 pm (UTC)
Yeah we did sort of seem to be "the random house"

But you know what we did show some Hufflepuff traits - well we stuck together, and worked hard (mind you I had my Slytherin socks on)

I don't have your e-mail so I couldn't send you my request to know what number you want on your shirt... (Not like I'll get it down tomorow)
Oct. 12th, 2005 03:55 pm (UTC)
OH, well, both of those are easily fixed. draconisleona@gmail.com and 19. {grins}

Oct. 12th, 2005 03:56 pm (UTC)
I will add you to my list of team mates.
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