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Witching Hour

OK so I still don't know exactly how we are getting there (car or Train probably).  I am staying with my cousin in winter hill so it's a good thing I know my way around.  I'm excited for some silly things, like the North shore Hanted happinigns parade.  I went through the list of things I want to do and I seem to have scheduled myself really tight, also I seem to have picked all theings that are not compleatly HP.  Blake still thinks he will be the only straght guy there. 

I'm trying to work on "World Bulding" this week.  So I've taken an extended brake from It's just a job I do, to write short stories and draw a map.  I've never made a city before so this is all new - I think I need to come to grips with my magic system as well... maybe I'll work on that tonight while I'm watching th 9th gate (one of the few Depp movies I haven't seen).