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A peice of werewolf fiction that I've been workign on for about two weeks. All fan fiction has gone to the back burner (not like anyone was holding out for anything)  

It’s just a job I do

I’m sitting on the roof waiting for the werewolf to come.  He will, at some point, werewolves are creatures of habit; I should know, I am one.  Well sort of, I’m a were er- well just call me a werewolf, it’s easier.  I change into a canine and I doubt you’d be able to tell the difference, not with me running at you. 

Anyway, the ‘wolves’ call me Silverblade.  It’s ‘cause of my job of course.  I kill people – well Wolves.  There are rules to our existence and I get sent out to enforce those rules.  By the time I get called in the only option left is death.  I’m good at death.  See, I’ve figured out some things most haven’t.  Like the silver thing, complete bullshit; but if you believe in something it’s true for you.  Most werewolves believe the silver thing so much that it burns their skin, poor bastards.  Makes my job easy, after all, punching them with my silver rings slows most of them down enough for me to cut their heart out. Nothing living can live without a heart. 

I hear him below me.  I let him pass under me and then drop quietly from the roof.  Quietly, not silently: I want him to hear me, I want him to turn, and he does.  Now I’m facing a fully adult werewolf, and he’s facing me.

“They sent a little girl like you after me?”  he says with a sneer looking me up and down, I don’t know if it is the look he gives me or that he called me a little girl but I allow myself a flash of anger.

“They’ve sent me after people much bigger than you.  You may have heard of me, I’m called Silverblade,” he looks hard at me and then he starts to change.   Slipping between forms isn’t painful, but it is disconcerting and strange, maybe even uncomfortable.  We don’t usually do it in front of people; not unless we have too.  He must have thought he had to.  I think about pulling my gun as his jaws elongate and he drops to all fours, but somehow that doesn’t feel right.  When he reaches me I hit him in the face; it has the desired effect, he stumbles sideways, wound smoking.  He shifts again, watching him makes my eyes hurt.  The mind tries to make familiar forums out of things; no matter how many times you see it a shifting body is never a familiar form.   

“Bitch,” he mumbles thickly through the pain. 

 “Yes. I guess I am,” say pulling my gun.  Bang! Bang! Bang!  And he falls.  I walk to his side and kneel next to him, “We don’t eat humans,” I say as I plunge my knife into his chest.  It’s not like I enjoy any of this, I don’t like cutting out people’s hearts, it’s just my job.


I hate Powers that Be.  You spend so much time moving around in my line of work that there is no point in learning the names of the people who run a city.  It doesn’t matter; after all, they are all the same.  I dump the body of the dead werewolf on the floor of the office in front of The Power that is here tonight, an older man.  I wonder what he would be like in his other form. 

“It’s done.  Pay me and I’ll get out of your city,” cheeky I guess but I can’t help it. 

“His heart?” on of the Powers asks.

“This?” I ask dropping it on the body.  It doesn’t go splat because I have it in a zip lock, I like to be neat; I hate to have blood in my pockets.

“Good,” the Power says and then after a time he says, “how are you finding our city?”

“Bathory? It’s as nice as anywhere.  Nice museums, the traffic sucks.”

“And Mr. O’Connell?”  I’m surprised the Power brought up Kevin, but I don’t let it show, “You didn’t know I knew about young Mr. O’Connell?  He is from here you know, and to rise to this level of society, one needs to be able to keep track of the children of the society,” the old man smiles at me. 

“I suppose you do.” 

“Then you know how he feels about being back in the city?” 

“I haven’t thought to ask,” it’s true I haven’t asked him how he likes being at home.  Kevin seems happy where ever we are, so I’ve stopped asking. 

 "Well, you should.  I have been empowered to offer you a job.  Think of it, no more wandering from town to town.  You could have a home, a real home.  I’m sure Mr. O’Connell would like to come home to stay; after all wandering isn’t in his blood the way it obviously is in yours.” Yeah, wolves always bring that up, like anything that isn’t a pure perfect Wolf must be a wandering Jackal.  Nothing against Jackals, some of my best friends are Jackals.  “Well you talk to your young man and get back to us,” he pushes my check across his desk and then a small box joins it, “as a token of affection,” I flip the box open and look at the ring, silver with the shape of knives inlayed in gold, “A signet ring.”

“Yes, I see.”

“All the details are in with your check.  We need a person who can handle our problems for us, before they get to the point they were at tonight.”

“I’ll think about it, and I’ll talk to Kevin.  I’ll send word back in a few days.” 

“Good, I’m glad if you will consider Bathory for your permanent home.”


It’s good to get home to Kevin.  Wherever we are, what ever I’m doing, he’s there and he is my home.  Kevin is still up when I get back; I’m not surprised he usually stays up waiting for me when I am out working.   He says he doesn’t worry but he looks concerned in the two seconds that he glances at me over his laptop.  His blond curls are tussled from finger combing, he must be working hard or he was very worried.  

“Welcome back Lola. How did it go?” he asks.            

“Easy,” I hand him the check and he regards it for a time before he says anything.

“All this for something easy?”

“They want us to stay.  They offered me a job.”

“Oh,” I watch Kevin for some sort of reaction.  I don’t get much.  He looks back at his computer screen and I think again how unusual he is.  He’s tall and blond, neither unusual in werewolves, he’s thin as well but that isn’t unusual either.  What is unusual was the laptop.  We are Magic beings and Magic and technology don’t mix well, except where Kevin is involved.  The laptop puts him outside normal werewolf society the same way my silver jewelry does.  That and the fact that he looks a bit geeky.   Maybe that’s why we ended up together; both of us are misfits in a society of misfits. 

“They gave me this as well,” I chuck him the ring, he catches it out of the air and then makes a hissing noise, “It’s not burning you, you just think it is.”

“Of course it isn’t burning,” he says closing his hand around the ring and then opining his hand.  He’s trying really hard to change his beliefs about silver; just as I am trying to change my beliefs about computers.  Change does come slowly.  He looks at the ring, “I assume this is to brand your name into others?”

“I suppose,” I say taking the ring from his hand and examine his palm.

“It wouldn’t have burned if I wasn’t so tired.”

“I know,” I kiss his palm; sorry for the damage I caused him without thinking.  His injury isn’t so bad, more like sunburn then the hissing, smoking wound I caused earlier in the evening.  He closes his hand and pulls it away gently. 

“I’m sure it will be fine in the morning.”

“I’m sure.”

“Come to bed?”

“Yes darling.  But wash that hand first.”   


There is a line of thought that says that you are what you do.  Of course the people who believe that are wrong.  Dead wrong: you are what you are; you do what you do.  I kill people, that’s what I do, it has nothing to do with what I am.  In fact the day after a job all I am is a girl who wants to snuggle up with her boyfriend all day slipping gently in and out of sleep using him as a pillow.  Of course the day you want to sleep all day is the day the phone starts to ring at eight am.  I push my chest against Kevin as he roles over to answer the screaming appliance.

“’low…” he mumbles, there is a pause as he listens, “she’s sleeping… no really she’s sleeping.” He hands me the phone. 

“Hey Lolly!” my brother chirps into the phone.

“Sleeping,” I say flinching at the use of my childhood nickname.

“Yeah, Kev said.  Mom thinks you’re stripping again.”

“No. I work security.  Nights.  I just went to bed,” Kevin gets up out of bed, I hear him make that hissing noise again, I glance up but Kevin just shakes his head.  Josh keeps babbling on about – well about things, family and what not.  Not that I don’t care about my family but I would care a lot more if I was more awake. 

“Are you even listening to me?” Josh asks.


“You’ll call me when you get up?”

“If I remember,” I disconnect and drop the phone to the floor.  I can hear Kevin singing in the shower.  I want to go watch Kev in the shower, but my eyes are heavy, but I can’t move and he’s too far away.  His singing lulls me back to sleep.

“The Alpha’s here are old,” I start as Kevin bounces on the bed next to me. 


“They are old, and they probably need – I don’t know guards or something.  Maybe there is some threat to them?”

“I still have no idea what you’re talking about,” I pull him all the way down next to me, so his eyes are inches from mine.

“The job offer. Did you say when you would get back to them?”

“A few days.”

“Well we need to talk about it,” he says, his green eyes inches from mine.  Green like late summer forests.   

“Not now,” I say wrapping one arm around him, “Now we snuggle.”

“I have things to do,” he says getting up; pulling away as gently as he can, but still pulling away, “and you could do with some sleep.”

“I suppose I could.  But tell me, do you miss being here?  Do you miss having a home, a real home?” Kevin regards me for a long time before he answers.  

“Do you?” he asks.  He leaves the room and shuts the door behind him, leaving me alone to ponder the question. 


I spend the day thinking about the question Kevin had asked.  I thought about it while Kevin was working on one of those completely incomprehensible things he does on the computer.  I lie on the couch and watch him type away.  All I know about what he does is that he types and then he gets paid for it.  That’s the extent of my knowledge about the computer.  Well that and he makes me sit at it for about an hour every week.  He says it’s to get me used to it, but I think it’s to get the computer used to me. 

The funny thing is that after sitting there watching him work, I realized that yes, I did miss having a home.  I love coming back to him after a job, but it would be nice to come back to the same place every night.  The same bed every night.  Not that I wanted to live near my family.  And I don’t know if he wants to live near his, but somewhere would be nice.

There is a train of thought that says; once the decision is made the doing is easy.  Here’s the thing, the people who say that are right.  Well at least mostly right.  The hard part is thinking things through.  Action is the easy part.  I end up at the office the Alpha’s keep downtown.  Six of them today, like all groups the Wolves make they are split evenly between males and females.  And, just like Kevin said, they are all old. 

Well at least I think they are old.  One of the odd things about us is the whole aging thing.   Some of us seem to age quickly; some of us seem to be young forever.  So really I’m guessing when I say they are all old, they all look old.  Kevin said they were old, he grew up here, so he should know. 

“I don’t work the week of the full moon,” I say to them.

“How oddly traditional,” one of the Powers says to me.

“I spend that week with family,” of course I mean Kevin.  It’s our week together, some couples have a date night we have a date week.  It’s holy.  It’s a way of coping with the weird stuff.  You have to work to make a relationship work. 

“You spend the week with Mr. O’Connell?” the Power from last night, the one that paid me. 

“Yes,” I might as well tell the truth, there is no reason to hide it.  After all they seem to know about me and Kevin, so why try to hide it? 

“Do you have a place to stay?” one of the females asks.

“I’m sure we can find a place.”

“His family has many homes in and around the city.  I’m sure one of the residences will be satisfactory,” it doesn’t surprise me that Kevin’s family has many homes, he always said his family was involved in real estate somehow.  He never seemed like he wanted to talk about and I never wanted to press.

“I’m sure that we will find something quickly.”

“I’m glad you have confidence,” one of the others says, “As for the other terms of your employment.  You will be paid a retainer and then a bonus for any – unpleasantness you have to deal with.  You will be free to take other jobs as long as they don’t conflict with your work here,” she gestures at a large envelope, “Of course you should review this, sign the papers and then return them.   Have your spouse look at them as well.”

“He isn’t my spouse.”

“Yes – well,” the woman pushes the envelope across to me, “don’t let us detain you,” she dismisses me as if I was something small and insignificant.

I wonder, as I walk out of the office and out onto the sunny sidewalk, exactly how much ‘unpleasantness’ these Powers expect me to handle.  I glance at the offer again; each month they expect to pay me four times what I get for a normal job.   


I can’t tell anyone what it is like to be a werewolf.  All I know is my own experience; I don’t even know what it is like for Kevin to be a werewolf.   I know what he says it is like for him, but I don’t know, not really.  I know that when I shift I feel a few minutes of disorientation – well maybe that’s not the right word.  The force of gravity is just coming from the wrong place. The human shoulder isn’t normally a joint that holds weight.  It’s just a weird direction – at least for a minute or so.  I can tell you what it looks like for others; some of them look like they are in pain, some seen to be a different being underneath the fir.  Kevin gets a really blank look for a time, as if he isn’t anyone.  I find it a bit creepy, that blank look.   

Kevin is in his wolf form when I get home, lounging on the couch.  The boy loves the comfort of his wolf form during the time around the full moon.  Sometimes Kevin is staunchly traditional.  I know he doesn’t have to stay in this form anymore than I have to eat pounds of chocolate when I have my period.  I like chocolate and he likes to be a big golden wolf.  I sit next to him and stroke his head, “They are offering me a lot of money,” he rests his head on my lap, “We could settle down.  Maybe a baby in a year or so?” he pulls his head back and begins his transformation to a human.  His face shortens and his arms and legs lengthen; then he is human.  His eyes are blank but he is human.  I can’t resist reaching out and patting his head.  As I watch he comes back to himself, the blank look changing to confusion and then comprehension as his human side takes over. 

“So we stay then?” he asks blearily. 

“Yes, I thought we could stay, at least for a year or so.”  

“We’ll need someplace to live.”

“One of the Powers that Be said that your family has many homes here.”

“Yes.  He would,” Kevin says, reaching for the phone.  He lifts the receiver and dials a number, “Yeah, it’s me.  So what place did you have in mind? …. Right then, is the key still in the same place? … fine.  Yeah, sometime tonight… of course I know it’s a full moon.  She doesn’t care … no I don’t either, thought you knew that.  You’ll have papers for us to sign?  You will not tell the others until she is ready.  I don’t know why I’m asking; you’ve always liked to have inside information.  Good.” He hangs up the phone, “OK we have a place, if you want to take a look at it tonight.”

“Who were you talking to?”

“My father,” he says in a tone that tells me the conversation is over, as I reach for him, Kevin shifts into his other form and slinks to the other side of the room.  He settles in the corner with a huge canine sigh.


I don’t know what I was expecting from Kevin’s townhouse.  I could tell by his inflection that he didn’t mean a normal row home, like I would have if I had used the word, but I really hadn’t expected this. 

We pull up to one of those Victorian city mansions, one that was probably on the edge of the city when it was built, and over the years the city had grown out around the house.  Mostly these houses seem to be preserved as small art museums and doctor’s offices, but this one was still a house, still surrounded by park like gardens.   Kevin pulls up to the gate, types in a code on the key panel.  The gates swing silently aside and Kevin drives up the driveway, his face a cold mask.



“You alright?”

“Yes.  It’s just odd being home.”

“Home?  This is home?” I don’t know why I’m surprised, after all this isn’t a rental property.  I guess I’d never thought of Kevin as coming from a family that would call a house like this ‘home’.  

“Yes, this is home,” he pulls up to the house.   We get out and I follow him to the front door, as we approach the door opens. 

“Welcome home, Sir,” the man standing at the door says.  He isn’t young, or old I would put him around forty; and he is completely human, although he smells a bit like Kevin.  I have to admit this is getting creepy. 

“Thank you Jeremy,” Kevin says to the man.  


“This is Jeremy, he’s my…” Kevin trails off as if he can’t find the correct word.

“I’m your Valet, sir.” 

“Er-“ now Kevin seem embarrassed.

“You have a Jeeves?” I ask.

“My name is Jeremy,” the manservant says, “and I have noticed the moon is full.  So after I show your lady around she will join you in the gardens.”

“That won’t be necessary Jeremy.  I will show her and then if we wish to tour the gardens we will, but I no longer require them any more.”


Kevin shows me around the house, it’s not as big as it looks.  Or I should say, it is as big as it looks but most of the rooms are unused space, big rooms for entertaining, a music room, and a library.  But the last thing he shows me on the first floor is amazing.  It’s a greenhouse.   A greenhouse attached to the side of the house, the room is at least as big as the house I grew up in.  It has trees in it and one of those fake rivers with a pond and a little waterfall. 

“Want to take a bath?” I ask in a teasing voice.  Kevin similes and suddenly he is plunging forward on all fours.  I shift as well and follow his golden form into the stream, our clothes left where they fell form our bodies.  And then we are roughhousing, slapping at the water and snapping at each other; barking and yipping like pups.  He bowls me over, or I should say I let him bowl me over, into a deeper area and I discover something wonderful – fish!  Now the game is chase the fish and he is snapping under the water and I am pouncing at slick silver bodies just beyond my paws.  The fish are so fast I feel them brush by but I can’t catch them no matter how hard I try.  And I keep trying until I’m exhausted.  I have no idea how long I’ve been chasing fish, but I look up and Kevin is sitting at the edge of the water.  I go to him and he wraps a towel around me. 

“I’m sleepy Lola,” he says rubbing my fur dry.  I could change back, after all I’m wet and – well we do smell like wet dog after all, but I’m enjoying the way he is rubbing me down and I don’t feel like walking through a strange house naked, nor do I feel like getting dressed again.  He gives me one more go over and then kisses the top of my head, “OK then, I’ll show you the bedroom and we can call it a night.”

He takes me upstairs to the room that had obviously been his bedroom; his scent is in it, even if the scent is old and almost obliterated by the smell of Endust.   The windows look out into the upper levels of the greenhouse; I wonder how many hours Kevin had spent looking out that window.  Kevin stretches out on the bed and holds his arms out to me, I join him and he holds me, arms around my shoulders, face against my ruff.

“I hope you like it here,” he murmurs.  I answer by licking his ear, “Good, I’m glad.”


I wake in the middle of the night.  I’m in human form, that’s not abnormal, sometimes I change when I sleep.  Kevin is next to me breathing easily, I don’t know if he’s sleeping or not.  I know I can’t stay here; I need to get out.  I get up and start to get dressed.

“Are you going out?” his voice is sleepy and soft.  It sounds like home. 


“Anywhere in particular?   Or anyone?”

“No just out.  I don’t have a job – not this week.”

“Remember you aren’t Batman.”

“I’ll remember,” I watch him role over and pull the blankets tight around him to make up for the loss of my body heat.  As I leave the room I wonder if he’ll be sleeping or awake when I get back. 

I find myself just going.  I don’t know where or why; I just go.  It happens to me all the time.  I find myself in an area that I know. I know I can sit here and watch.  Something might come by, something might happen. 

And of course it does.  A human runs by followed by a werewolf.  The wolf isn’t big and I step out in front of her.  She crashes into me and then I’m rolling with her.  The wolf bites down on my arm, right into a silver bracelet. 

“That’s what you get,” I say as she pulls back and I grab her before she runs away.  The Wolf growls at me.  “We don’t chase humans!” I lash out at her both verbally and physically; I feel the punch connect and the ring that the Powers gave me searing into her flesh, “I guess you’ll remember me,” I let the werewolf turn and run.  I’m not a superhero, I never wanted to be one, but there are rules, there have to be.   We don’t chase Humans; we don’t eat humans.  We don’t do these things because if enough humans go missing, humans bite back.  One day you’re the top of the world - eating people the next day there are hundreds of people burning down your house - a mob trying to kill you.  It’s not good for the species; call it evolution in action. Call me a reminder. 


On the way home I realize the wolf actually wounded me.  The bitch must have gotten a tooth in me before she hit the bracelet and my arm is bleeding freely. Damn, I shouldn’t have let her get me like that!  Ah well there isn’t anything I can do about it now.   I’m home and I’m still bleeding, Kevin is going to freak.  He hates it when I get hurt and I wasn’t even supposed to be working. 

Kevin is reading in bed when I find my way to the bedroom, “You are hurt,” he says without even looking up. 

“Yes,” I say, “but it’s not bad.” 

 “Come on,” he says getting up, “Lets clean the wound and then we can get back to bed.”

There are things about Kevin that make him an excellent boyfriend.  He knows when I’ll be walking through the door and he always knows when I’ve been hurt.  In fact he probably knew I was hurt before I realized it myself.  Also he is excellent with first aid.   Of course he did learn the first aid after we met. 

“So do I want to know who did this to you?”

“I’d tell you if I knew, but she was chasing a human.”

“Yes, it happens here.”

“It shouldn’t.”

“I didn’t say it should,” he has cleaned the wound and is now wrapping a bandage around my arm, “I said it did.”

“Is that why you left?”

“No, I left because I met you,” I sit quietly while Kevin finishes with the bandages.  I assume he is not going say anything else but he surprises me, “I was supposed to get married and then I met you and I couldn’t stay,” he looks up and smiles at me, “Would you like to get some rest now that you’ve saved the world?”

“Yes I think I would. And I don’t save the world.”

Kevin looks me right in the eye, taking each of my hands in his, “If you say so.” 


I wake knowing Kevin is somewhere downstairs.  I dress and wonder briefly how all my clothes got here from the hotel.  I guess it’s not important, I’m sure it has something to do with Kevin and his Jeremy.  I will get used to it one of these days. 

I find him in the – oh I think he called it the morning room, and he has a guest.  Kevin looks board and vaguely annoyed.  His guest is tall and dark haired with lovely aquiline features.  He looks like a snob, but then again just this second Kevin looks like a snob as well.  I can’t bring myself to enter the room; the realm of the ultra snob isn’t a place I’m sure I want to enter. The dark haired one is speaking. 

“I thought maybe this killer – this Silverblade was you, you have to admit it is quite the coincidence you coming back at the exact same time, but Erin was attacked while she was sporting. Erin says it’s a woman; a human woman.”

“What makes you think Silverblade is human?” if I’m not mistaken I hear a sharp edge to Kevin’s voice.

Erin said it stayed in human form even after Erin bit her.  We can’t do that- not on a full moon. The pain would have driven her into her canine form.”

“I suppose…”

“By the way, old man, you aren’t here to try to get Erin back are you?”


“I mean she’s one hell of a lady, and we don’t marry for another week.”

“No, really,” Kevin stammers.

 I realize that now would be a good time to step in, so I step around the door.  I reach out for Kevin’s arm and rest my head on his shoulder, “I didn’t know you had a guest dear,” I chirp trying to be perky, “are you going to introduce me to your friend?”

“Lola, this is Dirk; we grew up together.  Dirk, this is Lola; one of the reasons I wont be going after your fiancé.”

Dirk looks me up and down, taking in the broomstick skirt and the long sleeved peasant blouse.  Look I know I’m no raging beauty but I’m not bad, maybe a little plain.   My nose could be smaller, and I could have more curves.  I don’t think I deserve the look that I get from Kevin’s friend. 

“I thought you had better taste than that, Kevin,” he sneers.  Part of me is hardened to the comments of Powers to be, but part of me wants to punch him in the face.  Kevin slips an arm around me. 

 “There is nothing wrong with my taste.  And she and I have plans, if you’ll excuse us.”  

“Ah I see.  I’ll show myself out then, shall I?”  Dirk turns and stalks out of the room.

Kevin leans against me, “I thought it would be longer before they all started snooping around.”  

“What are you talking about?”

“Dirk.  I’m sure others will come as well.”

“But aren’t they your friends?”

“No, we just,” he shrugs seemingly at a loss for words. 

“Not friends?  And the one from last night?”

“My ex.”


“I can tell you all about it if you would like.”

“You don’t have to,” I want him to, but at the same time we almost never talk about the past. 

“When we met I was running away.”

“Yes, you’ve said that often.”

“I was running away from marrying Erin.”

“Weren’t you in love?”

“No our families wanted it.  She’s – well, you met her last night, she isn’t much different in human form.”

“A bit of a bitch?” I ask, smiling at my stupid joke.

“You could say that,” he says without pause, “and then there was you, and you were so… I had to go with you.”

“I know I was there remember?” I say it to lighten the mood.  It doesn’t seem to work, he smiles sadly.

“Yes,” then he seems to brighten, “I said we have plans, and we do.  I thought it would be nice to redecorate, so it doesn’t feel so much like a hotel.”

“I thought you liked hotels,” I say with a smile.  

“Yes, but if we will be staying here for some time, I thought.  Well I thought it would be nice to not be sleeping on the bed I slept on when I was a boy.”