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Of Dresses and Museums


Title: Of Dresses and Museums

Author: bodgei

Rating: Adult

Disclaimer: Carrot and Angua are the property of Terry Pratchett. I just play with them when they aren’t busy. 

Notes: This story is based on the art of Jessidres, and is written for her.  I’m not very good at smut, sorry if you are disappointed.  Anyway this is my idea for the backstory for one of her drawings. She asked for oppinions (shrug) 

Angua proceeded down the street with Carrot, it’s a rare day.  Both are off and the day is absolutely perfect; no fog, no rain and it’s not to hot.  Angua even wore a dress; Carrot had looked at her strangely and then they had set off.  He was still giving her the occasional strange looks as they walk. 

 “What’s wrong?” she finally asks him.  

“It’s nothing.  I’m just not used to seeing you like this.”

 “It’s the dress?  You know I am a woman, right?” she asks hotly, knowing, of course, that is well aware of he sex.

 “Er- yes,” then an uncomfortable silence for a few moments, then he turns a corner and unlocks a door, “here we are,” he says with a smile.

 “The Dwarf bread museum?”

 “Yes.  It’s closed and it will just be us.”

 “Us and some new display of crushing crullers?”

 “I don’t believe that they have any new displays.  It will just be us.”

 “Why do you always come here?” she asks hotly.  For all the beauty of the day, nothing seems to be going right, sometimes Carrot is very odd.

 “Well, this time it’s because it was close,” his voice is husky as he pulls Angua after him into the dim museum, “Have I told you how nice you look today?”

 “No,” she says tilting her head up for a kiss.  Carrot is an obliging soul and soon the kiss is deepening into something more.  Carrot lifts her easily off of the ground and is holding her tightly against him, he carries her to a small table, setting her on the edge of it, “what are you going to do now?” she asks saucily.

 “You will see,” he says kneeling down and slipping a hand up her skirt.  He unties her garter and pulls off her stockings and shoes, “You are the most beautiful person I have ever met,” he murmurs, “You have beautiful ankles,” he says kissing her ankle, “and your knees,” he kisses her kneecap, “your knees are irresistible,” now he turns his attention to the back of her knees kissing and licking.  She had never thought of knees as very sexual parts but something about the way he was treating them brought a moan to Angua’s lips as she rests back against the table.  His mouth travels up the inside of her thigh, “and your-”

 “No more talking,” she sighs twining her fingers into his hair and pulling his head closer, this isn’t something Carrot is very good at, but he does approach it with the single mindedness he does everything with.  Well usually; but today he is also fumbling with his breastplate, “stand up,” she moans.  She helps Carrot with his armor and chain mail and then his clothing.  He fumbles her dress, unfamiliar with the clothing.  Angua pulls the dress over her head and the expensive silk falls to the floor as Carrot kisses each of her breasts in turn.  

 He mumbles something incoherent as he crawls onto the table and she grabs him, guiding him inside of her. She arches up to meet him as he buries his head in her hair.  He nips at her ear and neck and wraps her entire body around him.  He bucks and plunges inside of her and she holds him as tightly as she can.  He moans as his speed increases, his thrusts getting long and hard and sloppy.  She cries out as she feels a sudden release and the warmth of Carrot’s climax. 

 He makes a small whining noise and comes to rest against her side, one hand still groping in her hair, the other arm wrapped protectively around her chest.  She moves so there is no space between them.  She wants to rest in his arms forever, as he strokes her hair. 

 “Good thing this place was closed today,” he sighs, “I don’t know how much longer I could have resisted you in that dress.  After all it was so easy to get to your knees…” 



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May. 23rd, 2005 12:03 pm (UTC)



Meep! Yay!
May. 23rd, 2005 10:57 pm (UTC)
Well you asked whatbackgorund we though it should have! I just work better in fiction.

I take it you like then?
May. 23rd, 2005 11:50 pm (UTC)
Did I? Well, I'm glad then, because this is just what the doctor ordered. Ok, maybe not the doctor, just me, but still...
May. 23rd, 2005 11:56 pm (UTC)
LOL! I just looked at that pic and thougth "OH they are on the tble in the bread museam" and of course I couldn't resisit the knee coment, since I seemd to be on a Feet of Clay mode there. I was gonna post it at Lancer... but, well I was feeling a bit shy about it.
Apr. 15th, 2009 08:33 pm (UTC)
i've been searching for some decent CarrotxAngua for aaaaaaages, you are officialy one of my fiction heroes
Huzzah for Carrot and Angua and to you for a brilliant ficlet
Apr. 15th, 2009 11:18 pm (UTC)
thank you anonymous!

This was my first bit of smut.
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