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Well I've finaly fininshed the first set of Runes. The big hold up was fininshing off the edges so they don't cut people. All the staves are differeint sizes becuse I cut them as I went. I didn't have anyone in mind for these runes while I cut them but I may send them to Sirius Girl becuse I promised her the second set, and at the rate I'm going that won't be for some time. It's the prep work (the sanding of the edges) that is dull, but if I get some time this week maybe I'll get to the second set soon. But again I don't have any reason to make them, other than an odd cumpunction to make them. It must be because my family is decended from Odin... that must be it.

When I cut rune strips for myself I just leave the edges all jagid, but you can't really do that for someone else.

anyway on other things I have about a page of "Carrot turns into a werewolf" and I'm thinking about drawing a image for Carrot as a lj icon I guess... maybe a Dwarf ax and a short sword crossed with text that says something like "It's not about hight"